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Write your resume in 2019: 10 golden rules

Write your resume in 2019: 10 golden rules Beyond the basics to apply to create your CV, some rules of good practice are to put in place to make your resume much more competitive with other candidates. freejobalert elaborates the How to write your resume in 2019/20 – 10 golden rules

1- The resume must fit on one page.

French recruiters rarely spend more than 60 seconds to browse your resume and make an opinion. So, your goal is to write the most impactful resume possible with an optimized level of detail. This is an exercise in itself: writing your resume on one page will prove to recruiters your ability to synthesize your experience.

Golden Rules

2- Look after the visual.

The presentation of your resume should be pleasing to the eye and hold the attention. Escape the dreary resume with information shoveled and all piled up. Make your resume accessible by prioritizing the information you provide with examples of line breaks, bullets, dashes. Clearly distinguish your work experiences, training and skills in separate sections.

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3- Bet on sobriety.

Stay sober in achieving your resume. Avoid overly eccentric fonts and bet on safe values ​​with modern, simple fonts like Arial or Calibri. Do some tests: write your CV with 2 or 3 fonts and you will find that the rendering can be very different between each version. Regarding the color of your Curriculum Vitae, 3 colors are the maximum you must include in your CV. Again, select tones or shades of colors that work well together. You can even compose your resume with the colors of the company to which you are applying. Guaranteed corporate effect!

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4- Put a picture on the resume.

First of all the photo on the CV is not mandatory (except exceptional case). Putting one could be an asset as it could be a mistake. If you have complexes with your face and are not comfortable then do not strive to put one on. Conversely, if you decide to include a photo, make it look professional and make you want to meet you. A smile and a good presentation (blouse or tailor with a sober color) and neutral background or in the context of the intended occupation will provide a much better effect. It is clear that a face can help the recruiter to remember a particular application and place your resume on the top of the stack.

5- Describe your goal at the top of the resume.

Boost your resume, give it a direction with a subtitle highlighting your goals. Hanging phrases like “Manage a team of 10 sellers in the electronics sector” or “With 10 years of experience as a call center, I want to convert myself into digital marketing. “. This kind of introduction synthesizes the entire CV and gives an overview of your professional goals to recruiters right from the start.

6- Your main achievements

Highlight key points in your career with details such as “Developing and Deploying Maintenance Management Software for a Chemical Industrial Site.” Specific skills and / or achievements may challenge the recruiter while reading your resume. These key points can then make him want to dig a little more your profile

7- Show references.

This is a practice little done in France and that can really distinguish you: put references of people who recommend you. Simply communicate the identity, function and contact information of your references in your resume. Put references from people who recommend you gives credibility and puts the recruiter in confidence

8- Enter numbers and facts.

Give facts or figures that are concrete, precise and specific. For example “In 3 years, my project to improve the manufacturing process has allowed to grow production from 150000 to 200000 pieces produced per month.” This prevents your resume from being abstract and will send recruiters a concrete picture of your experience.

9- Add additional content.

More and more resumes are sent in digital form. In addition, feel free to include hypertext links to your LinkedIn profile , an internship dissertation, a PowerPoint presentation of a project conducted. This can stir the curiosity of the recruiter and give you material to distinguish you from other candidates.

10- Adapt your CV.

Your resume must remain dynamic and be adapted to the position you want. So, put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes and determine what relevant information you need to include to fully agree with the proposed position. In addition, if you are applying for 10 job offers then you must send 10 different CVs. Write your resume in 2019: 10 golden rules

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