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World’s Topmost endangered animal species

World’s Topmost endangered animal species
1- Giant Panda
An international symbol of conservation (WWF), the giant panda which numbers around 1,600 in the wild, faces an undetermined future. Its forest habitat in the mountainous areas of southwest China has become shattered, creating a number of small and sequestered populations. WWF has been active in giant panda conservation for nearly three decades by working with the Chinese government to protect habitats through the creation of reserves and to help local communities become less dependent on forest resources. Over half of the habitat where pandas live is now protected.

2- Mountain gorilla
The mountain gorilla is another primate endangered by the devastation of its natural habitat and unauthorized hunting. There are just 500 left, however, luckily a portion of these live in African national parks, which are secured regions.


3- Tiger of Siberia
This tiger which lives in Siberia, Russia, is also threatened by poaching since its skin is used to make eccentric and expensive coats, bags and carpets. The last numeration of Siberian tigers was made in 2014, and only 250 individuals remained living at that time.

4- Puma
The mountain lion is also known as puma and is the largest wild cat in North America. Its fur is beige and it has a white belly. Young mountain lions have spots, but adults do not. At this time, the only documented eastern pumas in the wild exist in south Florida where they are known as the Florida Panther. The remaining documented eastern pumas are found in conservation parks.


5- Java rhinoceros
The fundamental danger to the Java rhino is hunting. It pays very well for its horn in China because it is accepted to have helpful properties. Until recently, several of rhinoceroses of this type lived unreservedly in Vietnam, but now there are none left. There are only fifty specimens in the world, in a protected area.

6- Elephant of Sumatra
The Sumatran elephant has diminished its population by 70% in recent years. There are still a thousand surviving in the jungles of Indonesia, but they are haunted by a terrible threat. In 2014, the news that three elephants had been found dead on Sumatra Island without their teeth stunned the world. That fact reminds us that the greatest threat to species is our desire and commercialism.

7- Jaguar
It is the largest feline in the America. Its population in the world has been reduced by 45% and in countries such as the United States, El Salvador, and Uruguay it has been declared extinct. In Colombia, the largest populations of jaguars are found in the Amazon, Orinoquia, Chocó and the Caribbean.

8- Leopard amur
Leopard amur is found in northern China and southern Russia. It is the world’s rarest cat. The leopard Amur has been endangered for several years. The main threat to it are illegal hunters. Only 40 are left in Russia’s Far East.

9- Dalmatian
Dalmatians are beautiful white dogs. In the early 1700’s, the Dalmatians were used to protect certain areas from thieves and other animals. Dalmatians are full of energy and are quite fast and active. They are also very tolerant of other animals and humans. It is best to keep these dogs as domestic animals.


10- Saola
The saola is an attractive and beautiful animal, which some call the Asian unicorn. It was discovered only in 1992, in Vietnam, but unfortunately, Saola gets trapped into the traps placed by the Vietnamese villagers to hunt other animals, such as a wild pig. That is why only about 350 individuals survive.



11- Northern playful lemur
This sweet animal lives on the island of Madagascar. There are only 50 specimens of this species left, and they can vanish at any time. The area in which they live is not protected, and no plan has been developed for their conservation.


12- Northern Right Whale
The Northern right whale is the most endangered of the whale species. It is found around the Atlantic coasts of Canada as well as the US, with approximately 350 different whales still found.This whale is needed for its oil. Recent population trends are so dire that experts predict the whale could vanish within 20 years.

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