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What if your boss is threatening to fire you?


What if your boss is threatening to fire you?
If your boss is threatening to fire you, you can destroy your self-esteem and cause fear of going to work every day. Even if you feel you work for a tyrant, you are not helpless. Regains control of the situation knowing what you do next time your boss scold you, or if finally fulfills his threat.

Calls for clarification

If your boss is not clear about why you are not happy with you, ask her to explain specifically why you are considering saying goodbye. Is it one or two aspects of your performance, or is disgusted with your behavior in general? Are you angry about a single incident, such as missing a deadline or work that he feels he was not up to par? Tell her want to understand what he would like you to do different and that you will do your best to get those changes. Once you’ve changed your approach threaten to discuss your performance, do not bring the issue threat if he does not. Instead, concentrate on discussing how the two can work together more effectively.

seeks allies

If you can not reach an agreement with your boss, he begins to befriend other people in the company, especially those in authority. It shows others that are valuable to the company, and will be harder for your boss get rid of you without people question your decision. Look for opportunities in other areas of the company so you can make friends with other employees and contribute to projects and goals outside of your department. You can hear about vacancies in other divisions to which you can transfer, or you can find colleagues and even supervisors who support you if your boss continues threatening you.



Create a paper trail

Keep a detailed analysis of the threats that your boss makes registration as well as evidence of your job performance. You can use this information if you want to file a complaint with the human resources department at your company or someone in senior management. If your boss fires you, you can use this record when you declare yourself unemployed or you undertake legal action to show that you fired without just cause. Keep all documents, files and exchange emails proving that executed st with deadlines and have performed your duties at work. Keep a record of every time you threatened, including details of what made him angry and verbatim report of what he said.

Prepare your exit plan

If you can not fix things with your boss, and do not object to leave your position, start planning your exit. Update your resume and search job for which you’re qualified. Establishes relationships with other people in your industry and prepares informational interviews at companies where you would like to work. Talk to your colleagues and ask who is willing to be your reference if you apply for other jobs. Once you know that you can find another job if your boss fires you’ll have the confidence to face the next time your boss threatens you.

Report behavior

If all else fails, check with your human resources department or someone in senior management, as the supervisor of your boss. If you can prove that threats are unjustified or abusive, company officials may intervene to resolve the conflict. However, going over your supervisor is likely to get angry even more. If the manager does not support you, your supervisor can make valid his threat. Even if the company supports you, your boss may not be able to fire you, but you can still make it uncomfortable to work for him. Up the chain of command must be the last resort, but is an option if you do not want to leave the company and want to fight for fair treatment.

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