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What Color Say About You?

Do you have a favorite color?

In most cases the answer is yes , a specific color: blue, white, yellow …
Other times it is two.
And others “I like all colors and I don’t have a specific preference.”
What does your favorite color express? >> Strengths and Limitations.

Let’s see some colors:



Focus on the new, the simplicity and ease to impress you by your sensitivity.
Search for Excellence , realistic optimism, caution and self-control.



Expression of your individuality, intellect and the world of practical knowledge, impulse to action and mastery of the rational world.
Joviality and measured spontaneity. Good use of the word and communication and priority interest in the economy.



The extroversion pure , intense relationships full, warm and emotions, enjoyment and pleasure. Socialization, connection with others alone and also in large groups.
You enjoy helping the environment, you are tolerant and you also need a certain amount of adventure in your life. You take risks, you connect with your body and sensoriality in all its versions.

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Courage, passion and the ability to set limits, ambition and impact on others. Ability to resolve conflicts giving rise to who lost it.
Focus on action and results, work capacity and visibility.

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Reliable, discreet and with the ability to enter your internal world and that of others. Introspection , fluency of thought and positive access to your emotions. Honesty and sincerity that allow you to have solid and loving personal ties.
Ability to communicate on issues related to feelings or creativity that gives you some authority in the subjects you master. You inspire, the search for ideals.



Joyful practicality , love for a job well done, feeling of freedom in caring for others and living in community. Quick to understand new concepts and do something of benefit with your knowledge. Caring and loving learning and implementing useful ideas and projects with ease.
You enjoy belonging to groups and feeling welcomed, you have will power and commitment to carry out what you propose.

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Sensitive , compassionate, artistic and spiritual. You look for transformative experiences and you find beauty even in something that is not apparent.
Charismatic with a certain seductive touch, not because of your body but because of your ideas, your tone of voice, speech or intellectuality. Unconventional and idealistic or asteta.



Personal strength that generates safe environments and experiences. Ability to protect and care for your material assets and personal ties. You project calm and discretion, someone committed to his vocation who inspires self-reliance and seriousness.
You push carefully and gently for your relationships to move forward.

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Sophistication , the pursuit of deserved prestige, self-esteem and personal power that reflects the impact of your personal work. Ability to take perspective on events, people and conflicts. Determination and chosen individualism, direct communication and aspirational personality.
Unconventional ideas that you defend with criteria generating admiration in the environment.

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