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Twenty phrases that bosses love (and why)


If you are looking to make a good impression on his new boss or improve their relationship with the current manager, this article released by the social network of professionals do not miss LinkedIn .
You want to be liked his boss? Try adding some of these phrases powerful in their conversations. You can easily improve your situation with your boss without sinning hypocrite.

Here is the list prepared by careertracing.com, LinkedIn collaborator and business expert and data, Article 20 Things Your Boss Will Love To Hear and Why .
How I can help?
This is probably the phrase he likes to listen to the leaders and shows that you are a good partner willing to put your shoulder even outside their specific functions tasks. (The opposite would be, “that’s not my job”).

No problem.
When your boss asks you to do something, be positive and proactive about it . Make him or her feel confident that you will approach the task without someone has to control.
I would like to learn more.
Tell your boss that you are interested in topics outside their area of expertise is a great way to show your determination to move up the company or your career. This sentence demonstrates ambition and even an understanding of their own shortcomings, which is interesting when you are ready to face them.

How I can improve?
This is especially useful in performance reviews, but can be used at any time. The sentence shows that you are open to constructive criticism. And if he means it and is willing to make changes, even better.
I will take the lead in that.
Taking volunteer demonstrates initiative and leadership skills, characteristics that leaders are seeking valuable employees.
I love my job.
This is something that probably will not say with sufficient regularity. Even if you do not love everything about your job, you may choose a couple of things I could mention to your boss. Who does not like enthusiastic workers?
This is how we can solve that problem.
The solutions are powerful. If he goes to his boss and says , “Here’s the problem. We can do X, Y, and Z to solve it , and I think we should do Z because … “you are showing initiative and creative thinking. Even if your boss prefers another solution, he will be impressed that she has thought rather than just bring the problem.
It ‘s really a good idea to establish solid boundaries and say “no” occasionally. Be polite, of course, but a good boss will respect you are trying to keep clear those limits.
I realized that this should be done, so I did.
This phrase is music to the ears of everyone! Bosses love people who self-drive and do not need too much control from above. In addition, if not technically “work , ” but needs to be done – including everything from changing the toner cartridge until the presentation of documents – you will earn extra points.

Here ‘s an idea …
A good manager will be willing to listen to new ideas, just be sure to say them at the appropriate time. A staff meeting where everyone participates in brainstorming new ideas? a great time. A meeting with a client who is being presented a proposal? Maybe not the best.
I wanted to talk to you before planning my vacation.
This is something that almost all the leaders hate: tell them what you have booked your flights to Aruba without talking to him first. Instead, before buying tickets let them know when to go and how you will do to manage your workload in their absence.
Let me show you .
In describing a complex situation or a problem, it’s great have good vision to understand the situation simply. This is especially true with the tedious data presentations have to explain.
I’ll be ready to …
Specificity it is definitely something that bosses appreciate. If you can say exactly when and how you will present something, that will be very useful for the manager trying to manage expectations of their superiors. Of course, be sure to keep your word, or does not make sense.
What I understand is that …
This is a technique of active listening, where you repeat what I understood from what he told his boss. You may feel a little silly at first, but it shows that he was listening and really understood what you are being asked to do – and heads love it when they understand.
That was a mistake, but next time …
Managers appreciate an employee who not only recognizes his mistakes, but also understand how to make sure they do not happen again. When you admit a mistake, be sure to add a comment about how to avoid a similar situation in the future, to show that it has learned from the gaffe.
I could use some advice.
Usually managers are enthusiastic about being seen as experts, and most of them will be happy to give advice on the best way to prepare to advance in the company or in your career. With just ask advice can make your head feel valued.
I agree.
Everyone loves that his ideas are validated, even your boss. But do not take this to an extreme and become a “yes sir”. When you really agree with the views or ideas of your boss, say so.
I understand what he says. I was thinking about it this way ..
When you disagree with your boss, be respectful; do not call and tell him that he is wrong (especially in front of other people), but do not be afraid to listen to your ideas. It is more likely that a boss takes into account the differing opinions when they say calmly and politely.
How’s your day?
Do not forget: your boss is human! He or she have good and bad days. When given the case, try to take a genuine interest in how he does his boss or other aspects of your life – children, hobbies, sports teams. Forge a personal connection.
Thank you .
A good boss thank employees for a job well done, but who thanks the boss? If he has offered his help with a problem, good advice or valuable information, Say thank you ! It could brighten the day to his boss.

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