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Topmost Difficult Jobs in the World

Topmost Difficult Jobs in the World
01 – Communication Tower Climber
Tower climbing is one of the deadliest jobs in the world. “While things have gotten a bit safer, this job still results in 20 deaths each year on average in the US” as reported on LousyCV. “In order to maintain communication towers, employees regularly climb towers, using fixed ladders, support structures or step bolts, from 100 feet to heights in excess of 1000 or 2000 feet.” They often climb these heights in extreme weather conditions when things tend to go wrong.
02 – Electrician
An electrician is a tradesman specializing in electrical wiring of buildings, stationary machines, and related equipment.One of the most dangerous and life-threatening jobs is the work of an electrician. Exposure to live electricity wires can be very hazardous.There is a fear of death due to electrocution, heights, fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, electric shocks and even explosions.

03 – Oilrig Worker
An oil rig is any kind of apparatus constructed for oil drilling.A physically and mentally taxing job that involves long hours in a challenging and hostile environment. Jobs can vary from a cleaner or painter right through to driller or tool pusher. Wages are often calculated on an hourly basis with accommodation and meals included. The
04 – Bomb Disposal Squad
Bomb disposal is the process by which hazardous explosive devices are supply safe. The first professional civilian bomb squad was established by Sir Vivian Dering Majendie.
05 – Firefighter
The role of a firefighter is essentially to protect the lives of the general public during potentially life threatening situations. In addition to rescue people from dangerous situations; Such as collapsed or burning buildings. They jump in trying to save children, adults and property without a thought of protecting themselves. Buildings that burn down have asbestos content in them which is very harmful for the human body. The onset of symptoms take ages to appear by then the disease is out of control.
06 – Landmine Remover
In some parts of the world this is part of the military’s job, however, it’s becoming a private market in other parts. Landmine removal is extremely dangerous and requires skilled workers to complete the job without causing a potential disaster.

07 – Miner
A miner is a person who extracts ore, coal, or other mineral from the earth through mining. This is one of the most dangerous jobs. Miners working in the mines are exposed to large amounts of Silica dust causing silicosis or Potter’s rot. It leads to inflammation and nodular lesions in the lungs.
08 – Construction Site Foreman
Foreman is a construction worker with many years of experience in a particular trade who is charged with organizing the overall construction of a particular project for a particular contractor. A foreman is exposed to heights making it easy for a worker to miss a step and fall to the ground. The worker can fall from a vehicle, get electrocuted, and remain buried underground. He can be exposed to hazardous chemicals, asbestos, toxic industrial solvents, smoke and dust while at the work place.
09 – Mortician
Morticians are forced to face death everyday having to prepare the deceased for burial which includes cleaning, embalming, grooming, and dressing them. Also, they tend to work for long and irregular hours, supporting the family of the deceased.
10 – Astronaut
Astronauts must be very physically fit and able to withstand the mental isolation of long missions in space. The environment is often stressful and in a crisis, staying calm under pressure is a must. However, the job brings with it a great deal of satisfaction. Imagine looking down on earth from space, experiencing living in space and floating around in a weightless environment.
11 – Buckingham Palace Guard
Would you be able to stand still for hours without being able to move at all or even have a bathroom break? If not, you couldn’t be one of the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace, who spend an excessive amount of time standing completely still while being poked fun at by tourists.

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