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Top companies in the world by market value

Top companies in the world by market value – The magnitude of the companies listed below is measured by their estimated value or on the stock exchange. Most of these companies are mega cap companies, or those with market capitalization above $300 billion. Half of the top 10 ranking are technology companies, while two deal in financials, two are in consumer services, and one is in energy. Market capitalization is the total value of a company’s entire purchased shares of stock. While these companies have their roots in the U.S. and are the embodiment of “all-American” qualities such as innovation and industry, their reach is worldwide and their marketplace global.


Bank of America

Value: 245 billion euros
Activity: Finance


Exxon Mobil Corp

Value: 285 billion euros
Activity: Oil industry


JP Morgan Chase & Co

Value: 297 billion euros
Activity: Finance


Johnson & Johnson

Value: 307 billion euros
Activity: Health


Berkshire Hathaway B

Value: 394 billion euros
Activity: Finance



Value: 424 billion euros
Activity: Information Technologies

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Value: 458 billion euros
Activity: Trade



Value: 530 billion euros
Activity: Information Technologies


Alphabet (owner of Google)

Value: 590 billion euros
Activity: Information Technology



Value: 720 billion euros
Activity: Information Technologies


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