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Top 30 Unexpected tough questions you must prepare to answer

Top 30 Unexpected tough questions you must prepare to answer – Following the latest trends set by freejobalert.cc, it is worth forgetting forever about the group of questions when the interviewee describes himself directly. Tell me about yourself, ”this formula is no longer relevant and does not lead to success for you or your company. Already today, many American interviews are filled with highly controversial personnel questions that allow them to answer as precisely as possible the main question of any interview: “Who is sitting in front of me, and how can it be useful to my company?”  The freejobalert.cc team after painstaking research has revealed to the world the Top 30 of the most idiotic or simply extremely strange questions that applicants faced during interviews this year.

  1. “How many people use the Facebook social network in San Francisco on Fridays at 2.30?” (Question from Google to the applicant for the position of sales manager).
  2. “Entertain me for five minutes. I’m not going to speak yet ”(question from Acosta for candidates for the program on leadership training).
  3. “Suppose the Germans are the tallest people in the world. How will you prove it? ”(A question from Hewlett-Packard to a candidate for the position of marketing manager).
  4. “We have 20“ fragile ”light bulbs (bursting at a certain height) and a one-storied building. How do you figure out the height at which these lights burst? ”(Question from QUALCOMM for future engineers).

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  1. “How do you feel about garden gnomes?” (Question from Trader Joe’s for an applicant for a place in the project team).
  2. “Does your GPA reflect your potential?” (Interested in the position in the field of strategic marketing in the Advisory Board).
  3. “Mahatma Gandhi could be a cool software developer?” (Question for analysts from Deloitte)
  4. “You may be employee No. 1, but your employees have antipathy towards you, or you are a favorite of the team, but employee No. 15. What would you choose? ”(Asked ADP for applicants for the position of an internal sales assistant).
  5. “How would you personally solve the problem of world hunger?” (Question from Amazon.com for software developers)
  6. “A desk, a room or a car — what do you put in order first of all?” (The applicants for the senior shift were interested in Pinkberry).
  7. “Does life delight you?” (Question from Ernst & Young for tax analyst).
  8. “Please say“ diverticulitis ”. Letter by letter ”(a request from an EMSI HR officer to a future client manager).
  9. “Name five options for using a stapler without clips” (an interesting offer from EvaluServe for applicants for the position of business analyst).
  10. “How much did gasoline cost in 2008 to the residents of Dallas?” (Question from American Airlines for applicants for revenue management).
  11. “Suppose you are in a boat floating in a large tank filled with water. On board the boat there is an anchor that you throw into the water (the anchor chain is long enough for the anchor to lie entirely on the bottom of the tank). Will the water level in the tank increase or decrease? ”(A logical task from Tesla Motors for potential mechanical engineers).
  12. “How would you put an elephant in the fridge?” (A question from the Horizon Group Properties for a potential secretary).
  13. “You have a bunch of flowers. How many flowers in your bouquet, if all of them, except for two, tulips, except for two – daisies, and all but two – roses? ”(Epic Systems puzzle for project managers and executive consultants).
  14. “How many aircraft are flying over Kansas at the moment?” (Question from BestBuy for planners).
  15. “In how many different ways can you raise water from a lake located at the foot of a mountain to the top of this very mountain?” (Asked Disney Parks & Resorts from young specialists in project technical support).
  16. “How much will be, if 37 is multiplied by 37?” (Question from Jane Street Capital for a sales assistant).
  17. “As a superhero, which force would you have possessed?” (Question from Rain and Hail Insurance for the claim auditors).
  18. “Suppose you are an application of the Microsoft Office operating system. Which one? ”(Summit Racing Equipment asked applicants for a place in the field of online sales).
  19. “Pepsi or Coca?” (Question from the United Health Group for the assistant project manager).
  20. “Is the air you exhale warm?” (A question from Walker Marketing for an applicant for a client manager position).
  21. “How do you like those pranksters in Congress?” (They were interested in the Consolidated Electrical interns for senior positions).
  22. Can you tell me 10 things you could do with a pencil other than write? (– Casie Grammer, Customer Success Manager at airCFO)
  23. If you were a kitchen appliance, which kitchen appliance would you be and why? (– Sarah Hancock, Content Marketing Manager at BestCompany)
  24. How would you describe the color green to a blind and deaf person? (– Cassidy Barney, SEO Manager of Epic Marketing)
  25. What are the qualities you like least and most in your parents? (– Shawn Breyer, Owner of Breyer Home Buyers)
  26. If you were on a desert island and you had the opportunity to take with you only three things, what would these things be ? Yahoo Analyst

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