Top 10 fun jobs that pay well

Top 10 Fun Jobs That Pay Well
Below, we have highlighted ten of the most fun and best-paying jobs out there. Some of them could rank as ultimate cool careers, and others are fun but a little more realistic to achieve. (Think Ferrari driving instructor vs. video game designer.) By going after one of the careers listed here, you could discover the truth behind the saying, “If you enjoy what you do, then you will never work a day in your life!”


Private Island Caretaker

Fun factors—Soak up the sun, go on adventures, and pretend that it’s your very own island.
Annual salary—Up to $100,0003


Ethical Hacker

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Fun factors—Make great money hacking into computer systems, legally. And take pride in knowing that you have the upper hand over black-hat hackers.
Average annual salary—$99,690


Ferrari Driving Instructor

Fun factors—Drive Ferraris. For a living.
Average annual salary—$89,8164


Video Game Designer

Fun factors—Be one of the creators behind the next hot video game to hit the market. And you might even be able to model characters and scenes based on the people and places in your own life.
Average annual salary—$83,41010


Toy Designer

Fun factors—Forget being a “real” adult and spend your days playing with toys. Let your imagination run free and create cool and innovative toys that appeal to today’s kids.
Average annual salary—$71,0005


Hollywood Stunt Person

Fun factors—Pretend to be a famous actor or actress and perform jaw-dropping, possibly death-defying, stunts that will, at the very least, make for some great dinner conversation.
Average annual salary—$70,0006


Fortune Cookie Writer

Fun factors—Get paid to use your sharp wit and wisdom to produce thought-provoking and memorable one-liners that appeal to the masses.
Average annual salary—$74,440
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NASCAR Mechanic

>> Singapore Jobs 2019 – Workers Helper Salesman Cleaner Driver Housekeeper
Fun factors—Achieve your dreams of joining the racing circuit, enjoy the thrill of racing events around the country, and get to know professional NASCAR drivers on a first-name basis.
Entry-level annual salary—$45,000 to $65,0007
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Food Critic

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Fun factors—Dine for free at some of the best restaurants out there, have servers and chefs give it their all to ensure that you love them, and impress others with your culinary knowledge.
Average annual salary—$47,0008



Fun factors—Drink wine, attend posh events, meet interesting and famous people, and impress them with your remarkable wine knowledge.
Average annual salary—$46,1388
Source: trade schools

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