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To open a RAR file | Computer Tips and Tricks

One of the easiest ways to share files, especially if we’re talking about several elements simultaneously, is to compress them, so in addition to decrease its size, it offers the advantage that the bag, which will result in a single file, much easier to send over the Internet or stored on a disk drive.

Now, probably in more than one occasion we have found that at the end of a given discharge, the file you just lose is not recognized by the system, is say shows a generic icon, but when we researched a bit on their properties, we see that has the extension “RAR”. How well, we say, but how we can open or view a RAR file? Precisely why talk about in this article. A RAR file is nothing more than a file that has been compressed with the popular compression application “WinRAR” or otherwise making use of the format, but unfortunately, despite all the advantages this type of archives have a negative edge, you can not see with the naked eye contended. You need to unzip it before. Fortunately, decompress RAR file is a fairly simple task, there was a wide variety of tools to do so, including proprietary application format, WinRAR . WinZIP is another recognized application for these purposes also many other free programs like 7Zip or PeaZip , we also handle this type of compressed formats. Download and install the software needed At this point, the first thing we have to do is download and install one of these tools, we can do by clicking on the links at the bottom of this note, but not without having known characteristics, which can undertake reading this article , in the case of PeaZip or 7Zip , or If WinRAR or WinZIP , this other article. When we have chosen one of these tools, we will download and install it on our computer following the instructions on each installer. Once you have completed this step, all you have to do is search the archive RAR want to open and double click on it, which immediately execute the newly installed program. Now, the last step we have, remove the contents of the RAR file. To remove a RAR file and store them in a folder in Windows, all you have to do is press the button “Extract”, “Extract” or the like, depending on the program you have chosen to do. We must also consider selecting the Windows folder in which the files in the RAR will be deposited, which can be any folder on our computer, always remembering that the unzipped files will occupy more space on the hard drive than those without they are. Below these lines, we can find the links to download WinRAR and WinZIP, but we must be especially careful to remember that they are trial versions, since both tools are extra. Download WinRAR Download WinZIP free to WinZIP Alternatives and WinRAR In If we want to assess any free alternative to these tools, we have the help of two applications of compressed files which are completely free and is up to those mentioned above. PeaZip Designed to be used with processors of various cores, offers excellent performance, support for multiple formats and an excellent and very neat interface. Download PeaZip 7Zip 7Zip is a gem, very competent, completely free, fast, stable, and offers support for a wide range of formats such as ISO, ZIP , RAR and many others. Worth a try. Download 7Zip If you liked this page, please share …

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