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The Four Most Common Errors in the Curriculum Vitae


The Four Most Common Errors in the Curriculum Vitae
Prepare your resume may be one of the most important steps in applying for a job. It is your cover letter and the first thing you will see the employer about you.
There are some common mistakes that can cause your CV ends up in the trash before the recruiter consider you for the position. Here is a list of the four most common you can make building your CV according to advice published by the Recruiter.com portal.

1. The first and most common mistake has to do with the mistakes of grammar or spelling errors. It is not advisable to rely only on automatic corrector with the word processors such as Word, which often also have flaws. It is therefore important that you reread your resume more than once and you do verify by someone else. These errors may be foolish but may give an impression of carelessness that is not pleasing to the employer.
2. The second mistake made ​​is to not put the CV to the needs of each specific job you want to apply. It is crucial that anyone reading your resume has the impression that you are the right person for the job according to your work prior experience or academic studies. To condition your CV to the expectations of the company, you show that you’ve taken the time to figure out all the skills they need for work a person of interest.

3. Another common mistake is to decorate the curriculum with too many personal details of the candidate’s life. These data only serve to distract the central focus and may give the impression of being information “filler” for lack of training.
4. Finally, the fourth most common mistake you can make in your CV is to have a design poor. Did you know that 50% of the impact that your CV depends on the way it is presented and designed? Opt for a neat and discreet design that does desconcentre the main content. it is recommended to be careful with interlineations and use one only letterpress type, although you can change its size.

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