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The benefits of singing in the shower


The benefits of singing in the shower
Good Morning! Are you one of those who every morning brings out the artistic side singing in the shower? Well you’re in luck because this simple gesture brings us many benefits.
We have already spoken at other times of the benefits of music, you can see it here . And the music relaxes, energizes, conveys a sense of wellbeing. But do not just listen. Singing, though not correctly, has these and many other health benefits.

– Helps to boost the immune system. To better oxygenate the cells the immune system is strengthened.
– Low blood pressure.
– Improved sense of well-being. When singing, endorphins within the nervous system occur, which it makes you feel more energized and better mood.
– Reduce stress and improve your mood.
– It makes us breathe more deeply, so we take more oxygen and improves aerobic capacity.

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