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The 6 best countries to find work after graduation

Are you one of those who think that their future is abroad? Discover the best countries to find a job

  • Every day there are more students who after finishing their studies decide to start their professional career abroad.
  • The quality of life and working conditions offered by some countries are its main demands for young professionals.
  • The economic crisis has also played an important role when it comes to deciding to work abroad.
    Have you ever considered what it would be like to work in another country? Maybe in the university you have heard a teacher talk about work experiences abroad. Or maybe some colleagues from previous promotions who tried their luck and have stayed working outside.

It is also true that after years of suffering such a hard economic crisis it is easier to consider living abroad . The low supply of employment, the high rate of youth unemployment and the still too low perspective of employ ability are making you rethink your future. But you can not leave like that . Deciding to start your career as a professional abroad is something for which you have to prepare yourself thoroughly .

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Investigate in which countries you have more possibilities, what requirements you may need, what is the cost of living there … So in case you are thinking about it, we have decided to make a list of the best countries in which you can look for work after to graduate.



There are the headquarters of many European multinationals. In the country you enjoy a great quality of life well as good security.
High salaries are also one of their main demands. In addition, those who have been working there for some time ensure that they have a better work-life balance.



What attracts the attention of those who want to move to Germany is the amount of job opportunities . They also enjoy great job security and prospects for professional growth within the companies themselves. To this we must add its important cultural offer recognized worldwide.  Jobs in Germany – Jobs in all Sectors



The rights and working conditions enjoyed by workers in the country are a great demand. In addition, their labor supply in education, engineering, medicine or mining is very high.

Regarding life there also stands out for a good balance between professional and personal life, with a flexible schedule system in many companies . Their maternity and paternity leave are known worldwide and also have high salaries.


United Arab Emirates

It is a country in which the majority of the population is foreign. The companies offer good working conditions , with good remunerations and great benefits such as high quality medical insurance.

In addition, companies that hire foreigners usually offer compensation for accommodation and subsistence expenses. Dubai Offers Multiple Job Opportunities – Apply Now



It is impossible not to feel attracted to a country in which the most valued is the balance between work and private life . The prospects for professional growth are also high, as is their demand for workers.

Despite having a high tax rate is compensated by high wages.

It is one of the Asian countries where you can find more job opportunities . It is one of the Asian countries where you can find more job opportunities. The perspective of job growth is also very high.

The only negative thing that most foreigners who work there find is that the balance between work and personal life is lower.

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