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The 42 keys to know if there ‘mobbing’ at work


The specialist explains the 42 key mobbing in the book Mobbing:. How to survive the psychological harassment at work ” We believes that if the employee feels psychological harassment over a period of six months with a frequency of twice a week, then it is a victim of harassment.

1. My boss refuses to communicate, talk or meet with me .
2 . I ignore , exclude me or make me empty, pretend not to see me, do not return the greeting me or make me “invisible”.
3. I scream or shout or raise his voice in order to intimidate me .
4. They interrupt me constantly preventing express myself .
5. Prohibit my classmates or colleagues talk to me.
6. Invent and spread rumors and slander about me maliciously.
7. undervalue and cast my ground work consistently no matter what you do.
8. I falsely accuse unjustifiably or breaches, errors or failures and diffuse that have no consistency or real entity.
9. I attribute maliciously against unlawful or unethical business or customers to damage my image and reputation behaviors.

10 . Receipt critical and blame for anything I do or decision you make in my work in order to paralyze and destabilize.
11. amplify and dramatize maliciously small errors or trifles to upset me.
12. I threaten to use disciplinary instruments (contract termination, non – renewal, disciplinary, dismissal, forced relocations, etc …)
13. devalue my professional effort, subtracting its value, or other factors attributing to 14. persistently try to demoralize using all kinds of tricks.
15. They use maliciously various stratagems to make me incur professional mistakes and then accuse me of them.
16. They control, supervise or monitor my work maliciously to try to “catch me in a resigned”.
17. systematically evaluate my work and performance negatively biased or inequitable manner.
18. leave me without any work to do, even on their own initiative, and then accuse me of doing nothing or being lazy.
19. I constantly assigned new tasks or jobs, while the end of the previous ones, and they accuse me of not finishing anything.

21. I assigned tasks or work under my professional capacity or my skills to humiliate.
22. I am forced to do work that go against my principles or my ethics, to force my ethical criterion participating in “rinses”.
23. I assigned routine or no value or interest tasks.
24 . I assign homework that endanger my health my body or on purpose.
25. I prevent take the necessary security measures to do my job with proper security.
26. I cause costs are intending to hurt me financially.
27. I humiliate, despise or undervalue in public before other colleagues or third parties.
28. They try to isolate myself of my colleagues gave me jobs or tasks that physically separate me from them.
29. maliciously distort what I say or do in my work, taking “the radish leaves.”
30. S and tries to get me to tickle “make me explode.”

31. poison people around me telling all kinds of slander or falsehoods, placing them against me maliciously
32. They make fun of me or trying jokes ridiculing my way of talking, walking, or I put motes.
33. fierce and unfair criticism or jokes about aspects of my personal life Receipt.
34. Receipt verbal gestures or by intimidating threats.
35. I receive threats in writing or by phone at my home.
36. I jostle, push to intimidate.
38. I am deprived of essential and necessary information to do my job.
39. They limit my access to maliciously promotions, promotions, training courses or training to harm.
40. I assigned deadlines, unreasonable and unusual work.
41. Modify my responsibilities and my duties without notify us .
42. I throw innuendo or direct or indirect sexual advances.

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