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The 11 most demanded qualities in job interviews


The 11 most demanded qualities in job interviews
Skills, skills and more skills. Professional skills, now known as skills are the abilities we have to implement all our knowledge, skills and values ​​in the professional field. Qualities which in recent years have become particularly important in the selection process.
These processes are becoming more comprehensive and detailed in order to gather as much information about potential candidates. Responsible for Human Resources have found new quality methodologies to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each of the profiles wishing to access a job points are. The main objective is to know what skills or skills, so we can find the “best talent”.
Would you like to know what? According to the blog of careertracing.com , there are 11 essential skills:

Development of ideas and ability to innovate:

It is the ability to offer creativity and originality. An innovative style lets think about the ways that you can improve in the future, both personally and occupationally. The development of new ideas can improve processes, projects and working methods in specific situations.

Productivity and ability to work with rigor .

It is the ability to focus on learning to get deepen and develop specific knowledge and skills in specific areas of the company. This ability is also related to improving the performance itself, properly manage time according to different activities.

Analytical skills, critical thinking .

Understand and analyze deeply the information received daily. Evaluating problems, creating h4 arguments to present viewpoints based on concrete facts in order to make good and positive for the company and for the development of your objectives decisions.

Domains of new technologies (ICT) .

Today any job requires a good use of technology, either from Internet browsing to the use of specific software, general or social networks. In addition , some experts believe that the professional himself should worry about creating and managing your own personal brand.

Communication skills .

Transmit information efficiently and safely communicate opinions, confidence and conviction. This is an important skill, which allows the opinions are valued worker and even get convince others.

Identification and commitment to the company :

commitment and capacity to engage with the needs, principles and objectives of the organization. It implies a connection with the project and willing to make great efforts to reach the objectives set by the company.

Teamwork :

Work collaboratively with others toward a common goal. The idea is that the professional propose ideas or help achieve them , respecting the opinions of others without stand or be the “protagonist”.



Ability to manage stress .

Working with a high level of pressure and responsibility. It is the ability to tackle with determination the challenges imposed work.

Adaptation or flexibility .

Companies need professionals who can adapt and work efficiently in different situations, individuals or groups. People who can accept different points of view, change and easily accept changes in the organization itself, being flexible to new ideas, changes and approaches. In this respect it is also highly appreciates the ability to learn and interest in retrain and get to develop a global vision of the company.

Achievement orientation .

Contribute to achieving results and achieve goals. It is the kind of professional who probably work harder than many others to meet objectives and develop activities. “Making things happen”.

Identifying opportunities and problem solving :

Identify problems, obstacles or opportunities that may arise within a company and respond with a specific action. Ability to avoid creating future problems or opportunities, with h4 resistance to abandonment or frustration. Companies looking to recruit professionals to solve problems quickly.
Now that you know what value the head of Human Resources to stay with one candidate or another, begin to rebuild your resumes and take care of your profiles on social networks .

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