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The 10 most powerful brands 2015

most powerful brands 2015
most powerful brands 2015

The 10 most powerful brands 2015
Create a great brand is a considerable challenge, but building a truly memorable is something even more unusual. These are the cases most successful year.

What is needed to build the most powerful brand in the world? This year, the answer is multicolored plastic blocks.

Each year, the global consulting firm Brand Finance lists the most powerful brands in the world, defining the sometimes nebulous term “brand” as “an intangible asset related to marketing, including, but not limited to, names, terms, signs, symbols , logos, designs, or a combination thereof, with the intention of identifying goods, services or entities, or a combination thereof to create distinctive images and associations in the mind of stakeholders, generating profits or economic value “.

Ferrari, the most powerful brand last year, is the only car in the count, and falls from first to ninth, tied with Nike. Although the company holds the top 10, the report states that has suffered a string of losing seasons with the Scuderia Ferrari racing team.

“The Ferrari brand, says the report, clearly has enormous untapped trade potential and Marchionne open approach bodes well for investors.”

These are the 10 most powerful brands in the year:

1. Lego
Industry: Toys
Headquarters: Denmark
Force brand: 93.4

2. PwC
Industry: Professional Services
Headquarters: EU
Force brand: 91.8

3. Red Bull
Industry: Beverages
Venue: Austria
Force brand: 91.1

4 (tie). McKinsey
Industry: Professional Services
Headquarters: EU
Force brand: 90.1

5 (tie). Unilever
Industry: Food
Headquarters: UK
Brand Strength: 90.1

6 (tie). L’Oréal
Industry: Cosmetics
Headquarters: France
Brand Strength: 89.7

7 (tie). Burberry
Industry: Fashion
Headquarters: UK
Brand Strength: 89.7

8 (tie): Rolex
Industry: Fashion
Headquarters: Switzerland
Brand Strength: 89.7

9 (tie). Ferrari
Industry: Automotive
Headquarters: Italy
Brand Strength: 89.6

10 (tie). Nike
Industry: Fashion
Headquarters: EU
Force brand: 89.6

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