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Ten rules you must follow when eating in the office


Ten rules you must follow when eating in the office
The most important thing to remember is to respect your workplace as you respect your home
Lunchtime can be a highly anticipated moment the weekdays because you can distance yourself from what you’re doing and share a pleasant time with your friends in the office. While you can be a little more relaxed and less formal, you must not forget your manners and you better avoid doing some things that can bother the rest.
Here are 10 tips to follow to avoid having bad experiences when eating in the office.
1. Collect everything that falls to the floor
Let Hansel and Gretel and bread crumbs for children’s stories. This rule applies at all times but especially when you decide to eat a snack in front of your computer. Remember that your work-space must be impeccable.

2. Do not forget to clean the place where you eat
It is normal to lose some rice or a piece of a food on the table. Not enough just to pick it up but must pass a napkin to remove any fat that may have become. If possible, load an individual in your lunchbox.
3. Wash the utensils you leave in the sink
Is not it frustrating when you need some cover, go to the kitchenette and you realize that all the dirty laundry? It is disrespectful to your classmates because nobody likes to do what others have left.

4. Try not to eat at the computer
Nobody tells you not to ingest something midmorning but do not overdo it. It measures the portions that you are using and asks the side if you do bother them. Not everyone likes to see how someone else eat, especially if they too are hungry.
5. Do not bring food with b odors
Are you craved egg sandwich and want to take it to the office? Better think twice because it is not pleasant for anyone hear what you have for lunch following their smell.
6. Do not make any noise when eating
This is a golden rule to follow everywhere: do not despair when chewing and do it with your mouth closed. Nor choke you with food, the dish is not going to go anywhere.
7. Respects meals there in the refrigerator
As in your home you feel like hitting the person that piece of chocolate cake you left, someone in the office will want to do the same if your taper food appears open because you could not your curiosity ate see what had commanded him. Worse if the taper disappears.
8. Remove the tapers that have a long time in the refrigerator
Unless your plan is to make yogurt or other fermented food needs, it is not at all advisable leave your food too long in the office fridge. Not only because of the smell but because then you will have to wash the container and we assure you will not be a pleasant task.
9. Look socialize with your coworkers
Lunchtime is a good time to start a conversation with your friends in the office. Yes, put aside labor issues.
10. Do not turn up the volume of the TV in the dining room
In some companies, the dining rooms have a TV to distract their workers lunchtime. But you must remember that you are in your workplace and not in the room of your house so you can not turn up the volume to maximum. Not everyone wants to see the same thing you and the noise can disturb them.

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