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Seven things you should not tell your boss


Seven things you should not tell your boss
Have a good relationship between boss and employee is not an easy task, however, it is essential for professional success. The verbal and nonverbal communication play an important role in this process.
Although there trust with your superior, or otherwise the relationship with him is not pleasant, it is important to know take place strategically and will always remain as an employee of principle.
Do not confuse a good relationship with a friendship. Maintain a professional attitude into his office and generate credibility.
For one moment be swayed by emotions, keep a cool head and do not tell any of the following phrases:

1. “I knew I had to do.”

For heads is annoying to have to repeat or be explicit orders given to employees. Show initiative and not expect everything to be told to start acting.

2. “I do not get paid to do this.”

While drawing the borders is clearly essential if you feel that your superior is overreaching with you and your functions, using arrogance to correct the situation is never a good idea.

3 . “I’m busy, I do not have time.”

Presumably you are very busy, but try to handle the situation so that it does not think you are evading responsibilities.

4. “Last night I had a great time”.

This phrase may be a double-edged sword, because if it is not of interest to the boss what you did the day before, can be misinterpreted when you do not occur as commonly done.

5. “This is not my function.”

Again comes into play the initiative. It does not mean that you should always do more than you asked for, to look good; but occasionally it’s good to let your superior you can count on their work.

6. “It is impossible to fulfill”.

This is one of the phrases that points to the boss that your worker does not apply the relevant efforts, or possibly, is indifferent to what he does. Therefore, it is best not refuse the job without even thinking about how to solve the problem.

7. “O give me a raise, or quit.”

Your boss will not like this situation and is likely to be displayed irrational.

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