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Seven errors that cause good employees leave the company


Seven errors that cause good employees leave the company

  • Workers who are unhappy lose interest and go out
  • The simplest way to motivate a worker is to recognize their achievements

Finding talented workers is an increasingly complicated task, so keep them should be one of the highest of any business if you want to succeed. All managers should take this into account, to avoid losing their best workers.
However, many companies do not pay attention to their employees, causing, according to various surveys that a high percentage of workers looking for another job.
When good workers are not happy, they lose interest in work. This process has been defined by Michael Kibler as “blackout”. “The blackout is not the same as the exhaustion workers who suffer are apparently not in crisis,” said the expert, who spent much of his career studying this phenomenon.
“They seem to be working well, throw hours contribute to teamwork, participating in meetings … but they are in a process of continuous exhaustion, which can easily lead to his departure,” he explains.
1. Too many rules
Companies need rules of behavior, but with common sense. A couple of absurd rules (too much control, excessive dieting to collect requirements, etc.) may cause any employee gets tired of the company, said the expert. “When good employees feel watched, looking for another place to work.”

2. Treat everyone equally
The workplace is not the school, and treat equally to all workers, both the good and the bad, ultimately undermines the illusion of the best employees.
3. Allow errors
A boss let the workers worst mistakes without consequences hampers the motivation of everyone else, they just performing below their potential.

4. Do not recognize successes
There is nothing simpler and cheaper to motivate a worker who acknowledge their efforts and recognize their achievements. Often it happens, it is a sign that the company is well. In contrast, not reward a job well done ends up affecting the motivation of workers.
5. Do not worry about people
More than half of people who quit their jobs do so on their relationship with their boss, according to the expert. A boss should know celebrate the successes of their employees and empathize with them in difficult times. “It is impossible for someone to work more than 8 hours a day when not personally involved and do not care about anything but himself,” says the expert.
6. Cut your passions
Google allows its employees to devote 20% of their time to personal projects. These tasks often interesting products for the company arise, but its main function is to keep your brand committed to workers. Talented employees are often passionate, and allow them to develop these passions allowed to increase their productivity and job satisfaction. However, many entrepreneurs who want workers to isolate themselves from everything and work as if they were robots, fearing that if workers get excited decrease productivity.
7. Boring work
If people do not have fun at work, can not perform 100%. The best companies in the world know the importance of allowing their workers relax for a while under a simple premise: If the work is fun, it is best done, and also employees will stay longer in the company.

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