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Seadrill Offers Multiple Job Vacancies


Seadrill Offers Multiple Job Vacancies
Based in Norway, Seadrill acquired Smedvic drilling in 1915, and is a rapidly growing global drilling contractor. The company has 40 offshore drilling sites, and has had more than 30 years of experience in the hard-drilling environment in northern Europe. Seadrill operates in West Africa, Southeast Asia and North and South America.
Drilling companies obtain the most accurate data and graphical representation of the geological structure beneath the surface of the earth through seismic “imagery”, which is used for conducting oil and gas explorations and offshore. Seismic imaging helps determine the most promising “targets” for oil and gas extraction.  Apply now for the Job Opportunities click the button below

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Seadrill Companies provides remuneration from the world-class benefits package that includes programs and options, insurance coverage, plan health and welfare pension, 401 (k) plan, educational assistance, paid time off and a variety of other programs balance work / life. Seadrill company provide all kinds of facilities to their employees . It provide house rent allowance , Medical allowance , Lunch allowance and many other allowances . It provide bonuses and over time to their employees . The company provide best ever environment to their employees.

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