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Raise your thumb and find out your personality!

Many people believe that their physical components can tell a lot about their psychological and behavioral qualities. And this is what your thumb can say about your personality! The flexibility of your thumb is an indicator that shows how skillfully you can make changes in your life.

A. Straight thumb

Personality: you have a high sense of dignity. You become the center of attention wherever you go, and you also have a unique sense of confidence.
Relationships: You are the leader in the group and prefer to be in large groups.

B. Curved forward

Personality: you are a straightforward person and express yourself directly. You are honest with your emotions and you also want to be in the spotlight.
Relationships: You are popular with your friends and you are the soul of parties. But be careful, you may have conflicts due to your straightforwardness.

C. Curved back

Personality: you are kind, caring and very positive. You are loved by everyone thanks to your bright personality.
Relationships: You are very popular due to your politeness and good manners of communication. However, you do not belong to the category of people who open easily to people and show their true face.

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