QUIZ – What Work Environment is right for you

Have you considered all the options in your job search? Take our quiz and find out what is your ideal working environment: agency, startup or advertiser?


What is your career goal (long term)?

  1. I want to quickly develop my skills and gain experience
  2. I want to gain in-depth expertise on a particular sector
  3. I want to learn continuously and constantly try new things

In what type of work environment do you feel most comfortable?

  1. I like working in a dynamic and relaxed environment
  2. I like to be free and autonomous in my work
  3. It does not matter. I adapt to all environments

In which sector (s) and project (s) do you prefer to work?

  1. I love variety and enjoy working on all types of projects and sectors
  2. I like working on areas that I understand and that I particularly like
  3. I love new technologies and innovations

What pace of work is best for you?

  1. I prefer a dynamic rhythm and various projects
  2. I prefer to work on a specific project and have longer deadlines to do a thorough job
  3. I like to be multitasking and maximize my work time

How competitive are you?

  1. I am very competitive. I have team spirit but I often compare my work with that of my colleagues
  2. I am not very competitive but I always do my best
  3. I am thoroughly collaborative

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If you select a: you are the ideal candidate for an agency

Working in an agency is fun, exciting and varied. This is the perfect place for those who want to push their limits and develop their creativity. You will work on innovative projects and gain experience with a wide range of customers, brands and services. Everyone is working on several projects to quickly acquire new skills. If you are multitasking and enjoy working quickly, agency life may be for you.

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If you select b: you are the ideal candidate for an advertiser

At the advertiser, you will work on a multitude of projects with longer delays than in an agency. As each person has a well-defined role, you will have the opportunity to specialize on a particular topic. You will be able to work in the sector that you like and on projects that fascinate you. If you are looking for a balance between private and professional life, you could be happy with the advertiser.

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If you select c: you are the ideal candidate for a start-up

Start-ups can offer very interesting and rewarding opportunities. Integrating a startup is a challenge because it starts, but if you are versatile, resourceful and collaborative, the spirit and the opportunities could be perfect for you.

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