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Perenco Oil & Gas is looking for Staff – Job Opportunities


Perenco Oil & Gas is looking for Staff – Job Opportunities

Perenco oil and gas is a leading independent Oil & Gas Company working over 13 countries worldwide, ranging from Northern Europe to Africa and from Latin America to Southeast Asia. Perenco oil and gas is working both onshore and offshore. Perenco oil and gas offers career/job opportunities to individuals seeking challenging career with a company where you can advance your skills and experience growth in the long term career. Perenco oil and gas is searching for experienced people to fill job openings as engineers, line workers, electricians, dispatchers, nuclear and fossil plant operators, Customer service, Sales & marketing and Corporate. Perenco oil and gas is looking for highly qualified and experienced experts who like challenges and opportunities.

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Perenco Oil & Gas provides employees with a competitive benefits package that is designed to provide a balance of work / life too. The advantages of the base may vary by location and eligibility, but most include options for health coverage, paid time off for vacation, holidays, sick time and various advantages and many more of the license. There are additional benefits available at the corporate office that include casual days, the center on-site day care, cafeteria and fitness center to name a few.

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