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Multiple Jobs Open in London


Multiple Jobs Open in London
The City of London ( London , English), founded by the Romans under the name Londinium in year 43 , is located on the banks of the River Thames, southwest of the island of Great Britain. London is the political and economic capital of both England and the UK and is one of the most important world capitals.
London comprises a total of 33 districts , most notably City of London (also known as Square Mile or City) which is the main banking and business center in Europe, of only 2.59 square kilometers.

The city has a total area of 1,579 square kilometers , inhabited by more than 7 million people , making it one of the most densely populated capitals of Europe, along with Madrid, Paris and Moscow. London is one of the busiest and most visited cities in the world with a tourist inflow of more than 30 million people a year . A London arrive every day thousands of tourists attracted by the cultural, tourist, architectural and economic burden that the city has been dragging for many decades. And the combination of ancient and modern is a characteristic that describes perfectly London. In London more than 300 languages ​​are spoken , due to the large population from different parts of the world, who have made ​​London their place of residence. This feature makes it even more interesting this city, which gives us the opportunity to learn cultural features of other peoples of the world.
The best companies in London are Google, Unilever, ARM Holdings, British Airways, Amec Foster Wheeler, Royal Dutch Shell, JP Morgan, Expedia, General Eletric, Procter & Gamble, PwC, Cisco Systems etc – Apply now Jobs Open in LONDON – UK

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