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Looking for work at Apple, Google or Facebook? Be prepared for these strange questions


Looking for work at Apple, Google or Facebook? Be prepared for these strange questions
The technology not only ask their candidates an immaculate curriculum, they also want to be able to answer unusual questions. Interviewers of Google, Apple or Facebook surprise to those who want to become part of the template with questions sometimes truly baffling that in order to deploy its inventiveness and give free rein to their imagination and common sense.

If you intend to become part of one of the most famous dotcom, forget the tired “Where do you see yourself in five years?” And begins to prepare a valid answer some of these questions.

How would you get 8 servings of cake if you could only make 3 unique cuts? (Airbnb)
The search platform accommodations may want to rid this question too soon gridded minds or find the most applied logic in their daily lives.

Do you consider yourself more a hunter or collector? (Dell)
With this question the American multinational seeks surely find the type of worker who could incorporate into its ranks. Of course, it is much more subtle than directly ask the candidate in question if it sees itself as a whole shark.

If you were delivering pizza at home, how you would benefit from the use of scissors? (Apple)
Although there is no official explanation of the reasons for including this question, probably the Cupertino offer their potential employees to know how to react to unforeseen and know a little better their thinking beyond the standard issues.

Why the Earth is round? (Twitter)
This ‘Giro Copernican’ interviewers perhaps asks whether applicants have sufficient knowledge of astronomy and physics, if you actually know the Earth is not perfectly round or if they are clever enough to go on a tangent and develop an imaginative response, like the millions of Twitter users who turn their thoughts every day microblogging network.

If you were on a desert island and could only bring three things what would be? (Yahoo)
One of the typical questions that populate the pages of many magazines sneaks in interviews Yahoo. Chances are that this type of questions to the candidates to leave the typical responses and think about all eventualities that might surround this hypothetical island (the weather, the presence of hazards, etc.) oblige.

Design an evacuation plan for the city of San Francisco (Google)
This issue follows the trail of the above because of Google want to see if the applicant finds all variables to resolve the situation (should think, for example, what disaster it faces) and how is facing a serious (if boasts his imagination, his pragmatism, if it crashes …).

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