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List of highest paid jobs online – jobs available


List of highest paid jobs online – jobs available
If you’re looking virtual job, there are excellent opportunities to make a great living from the comfort of your home office with a job online. The online jobs are abundant in many major industries, including business, marketing, finance, accounting, technology, health and sectors including nonprofit. The jobs online can be flexible, part time or full time depending on the needs of each organization. There are many rewarding and lucrative careers to choose from online, thanks to advances in virtual work and more companies allowing some level of teleworking.

Online jobs business development, marketing and sales

There are a number of opportunities available online racing business, marketing and sales. Many companies hire professionals to work in processing customer orders at home by telephone or generate sales have more business. Organizations often need help with handling customer queries. Business development and marketing field requires professionals who can go out and reach more customers or manage existing territories. The sales and marketing manager can expect to earn between US $ 89,000 to US $ 108,000 annually, according to 2014 salary figures provided by the Department of Labor of the United States.

Online Jobs finance and accounting.

There is always a need for qualified finance professionals in accounting and to work in local and online. Jobs that allow work at home are on the rise as companies have started to outsource many of these processes. The online jobs in accounting and finance may include accounting, tax processing, billing, customer service and stationery accounts payable. In general, online jobs accounting and finance require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and a general understanding of financial principles. Average salaries in online finance and accounting professionals in 2014 was between US $ 26,350 and US $ 40,130 per year, which is higher than many other administrative careers.

Online jobs in information technology

One of the most obvious careers that pay line is the highest of professional information technology. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, there is a great demand for professionals in information technology that can keep up with the new software, hardware and mobile technologies. Many professionals online information technology work from home offices around the world and enjoy high incomes, ranging in the midrange than fifty thousand dollars a year, according to the salary survey 2014 conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. In fact, online degree programs in information technology are some of the fastest growing industries available, especially for new college graduates.

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