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List of Cruise Ship Jobs – Types of Cruise Ships Jobs 2020

List of Cruise Ship Jobs – Types of Cruise Ships Jobs 2019 – The cruise companies undertake any kind of personal. It is not uncommon to see more than 900 employees in a ship at sea. This is not surprising since a cruise ship can carry up to 2000 passengers (without overload, of course :)). Numerous trades can be counted in all fields: animation, teaching, entertainment, tourism, medicine, finance, sales, clientele, computer science, communication, mechanics …

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Here is a non-exhaustive list of trades for which you can apply to find a job on a cruise ship .

  • Dance accompanist
  • Actor actress
  • Administrative assistant of the hotel service
  • Help launderer (AD)
  • Assistant cook
  • Help server
  • DJ host
  • Guest artists
  • Barman, barmaid
  • Butcher
  • Baker
  • Buandier, laundry
  • Casino cashier
  • Captain
  • Captain of the hunters
  • Singer
  • Hunter
  • Head of Supply
  • Deputy Chief Procurement
  • Deputy Chief of Laundry
  • Deputy Chef of Kitchens
  • Butcher chef
  • Deputy butcher
  • Bakery chef
  • Deputy baker chef
  • Chef
  • Chef of the laundry
  • Buffet chef
  • Chef of the kitchens
  • Pastry chef
  • Deputy Pastry Chef
  • Hairdresser, hairdresser
  • Bar clerk
  • Accounting Clerk of the Hotel Service
  • Assistant Commissioner
  • Purser
  • Crew Commissioner
  • Accountant of the hotel service
  • Speaker
  • Port Speaker
  • Youth Advisors
  • Controller of the hotel service
  • Assistant Coordinator of Shore Excursions
  • Cruise Activities Coordinator
  • Shore excursion coordinator
  • Casino Croupier
  • Assistant Cook or Crew Trainee
  • Cook of the crew
  • Cook of the versatile crew
  • Intern cook
  • Dancer, dancer
  • Dentist
  • Assistant restaurant manager
  • Assistant Director of Stage
  • Assistant director of the hairdressing salon
  • Second Sous Chef
  • Deputy Director of Casino Service
  • Assistant Director of Shop Service
  • Deputy director of the photography studio
  • Administrative Director of Bars
  • Administrative director of the hotel service
  • Fitness Director
  • Director of the shop
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Director of stage
  • Director of Cruise Activities
  • Director of the hairdressing salon
  • Director of the photography studio
  • Sports director
  • Clerk
  • Beautician (do)
  • Butcher boy
  • Boy baker
  • Assistant Cabin Boy or Girl
  • Boy or girl cabin
  • Lubricator
  • Guide
  • Shore excursion guide
  • Host, international hostess
  • Hostess
  • Nurse
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Sports instructor
  • Steward of cabins
  • Utility machinist
  • Crewmaster
  • Butler
  • Master of the wheelhouse
  • Warehouseman
  • Buffet handler
  • Marine
  • Masseur, masseuse
  • Doctor
  • Bar musician
  • musician (do)
  • Cleaner 24 hours a day
  • General Maintenance Cleaner
  • Kitchen cleaner
  • Office cleaner
  • Chief Navigation Officer
  • Security officer
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Electrician Officer
  • Chief Electrical Officer
  • Chief Air Conditioning Officer
  • Navigation officer
  • Second class engineer officer
  • First class engineer officer
  • Watchkeeping Mechanic
  • Third Class Engineer Officer
  • Chief Engineer Officer
  • Radio Officer
  • Chief Radio Officer
  • Operator of the boiler room
  • Pastry
  • Bridge staff
  • Sales staff of the shop
  • Cruise Service Staff
  • IT staff
  • Buffet staff
  • Buffet staff in the dining room
  • Technical staff
  • Photographer
  • Pianist
  • Pianist at the cocktail hour
  • Plumber machinist
  • Firefighter
  • First steward
  • First steward of the maintenance department
  • First mate
  • Coffee attendant
  • 24 hour utility worker
  • Supply water extinguisher
  • Receptionist
  • Mate
  • Second steward
  • Secretary
  • Server
  • Waiter in the Officers and Crew Quarters
  • Waiter, restaurant waitress
  • Sommelier, sommelier
  • Deputy Administrative Director of the Hotel Service
  • Assistant Director, Food Services
  • Deputy Director of the Bar Service
  • Assistant Supervisor of Bar Service
  • Supervisor of the bar service
  • Slot machine maintenance technician
  • Technician of sound and lighting
  • Technician of sound and lighting
  • Third steward
  • Third sous chef

Apply Now in Cruise Ships Jobs By click on below links – CRUISE SHIPS JOBS 2019

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The cruise companies usually hire people who want to change careers, skilled people and sometimes students for jobs seasonal or permanent. Only, the staff must at least know how to speak English. Yes, again English.

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Like any recruitment process (or almost), the first step to getting a job in a cruise ship is sending resume and cover letter electronically or mailing.
Recruiters generally expect to see your file in the Anglo-Saxon model. This means that it is better to write your CV in English. Ditto for the cover letter. It must be typed and written in English. The style must be direct. It is better to use action verbs. The letter should be short and fit on an A4 size page. You must specify the reasons that motivate you to work on a cruise ship , tell where you came from to contact the company, announce your availability … For examples of CV and cover letter, make yourself on this page .
You can deposit your files directly into the websites of the cruise lines. But most have recruiters around the world who deal with these issues. That’s why it’s easier to register with recruitment and placement agencies for cruise ship staff . You will find in the digital book a list of several recruitment agencies with their addresses and contacts as well as the websites of the most popular companies.


Generally, cruise companies recruit heavily in spring and autumn. However, recruitment are good at any time of the year. It is enough that a new cruise ship is put on the waters so that the recruitment curve flies away.
Most often, you will first sign a 6-month contract that can be extended to 10 months. Then you will be entitled to about 6 weeks off and, if you have good results, you are assigned to another ship for a new contract.


Working in a cruise ship is, obviously, a fascinating experience for many people. However, it is a demanding job that has its positives and negatives.


One of the good things about working on a cruise ship is traveling. Indeed, you discover several countries, several destinations, you learn new languages, you meet people from diverse horizons, you make new friends around the world …. In addition, you gain a lot of money since you do not spend much on what you earn. You are fed and lodged for free in the ship, so no need to spend a lot.


The difficulties you may encounter while working on a cruise ship include staying at sea for several months, regardless of the temperature; share your booth with other employees and many hours of work every day of the week.
Still, working on a cruise ship is a unique experience that deserves to be experienced. If you can speak a little English, then do not hesitate to apply, whatever your field. There is really something for everyone.

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