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Latest Jobs in France – Hiring in France


Latest Jobs in France – Hiring in France
Latest Jobs in France – Hiring in France- Working in France is one of the most popular among the inhabitants of the European Union, especially Spain choices because our neighbor country has much to offer in terms cultural diversity and jobs because they have one of the strongest economies the world that placed in fifth place the ranking of world powers.
Although Paris is the nerve center of the country, France has many other provincial cities, less crowded character and also provide a high margin chances of finding a job.
The purchasing power of France as happens in other EU countries and the world, can change depending on the area in which you reside, while Paris will always be as expensive as one of the most important cities in the world , other French cities offer a good margin value to live with few resources at first until we get to get the first job.
The major industries in France are aerospace, motor industry, pharmaceutical, industrial machinery, metallurgy, electronics, textiles, food and drink, and tourism. Jobs can also be found in tourism (including hotels, restaurants, catering), care giving (home, medical, psychiatric, childcare), retail and agriculture. English-language teaching is also an option. Management skills are in particular demand in sales management-level occupations, construction, and science and engineering – especially in areas outside major French cities – as well as in business marketing, distribution, industry (agribusiness, mechanical, electrical, metallurgy), health and social work, banking and insurance, and IT industries.
Learning French is important when looking for a job in France and integrated into the community. While it is true that most people speak English and Spanish is considered a plus or added by being in the EU and be one of the most spoken languages in the world, you must acquire a good command of the French language to increase chances of getting a job.

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Average Salary : Min 30,000 – 90,000 €
Medical : Yes
Bonus : Yes
Lunch Allowance : Yes
Holidays : All Government Holidays and also 30 day leave
Position Type: Full Time / Part time
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