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Latest Job Vacancies Open in Kuwait – Apply Now


Latest Job Vacancies Open in Kuwait – Apply Now

Kuwait is an Arab country that became famous when it was invaded by Iraq and unleashed the famous “Gulf War”, the area is only 17,800 km2, its population of just over 2,500,000 inhabitants (immigrants are point to beat the natives due to petroleum activities) and is the only country that has no natural source of fresh water. It borders Iraq and Saudi Arabia and its beautiful coastlines are washed by the Arabian Gulf sea without major geographical diversity, virtually all of its territory is desert. The climate in this country is extremely hot in summer with brands that often exceed 50 ° C and very cold winters, although not recorded temperatures below 15 ° C, spring is his best season. Due to the low annual rainfall and a lack of lakes across its surface, plants and animals of Kuwait are species that have adapted to these harsh living conditions. In early spring, if the winter rain recorded -not always does Kuwait is covered with green in most of its territory and small mammals appear and many migratory birds make a stop in the region as it can provide food.
Salaries in Kuwait:
Salaries in Kuwait are usually similar to or greater than those paid in western countries. The working week in Kuwait tends to vary between 40 and 48 hours, depending on the particular company’s policy. Office hours are usually from 8.30 or 9.00 am to 5.30 or 6.00 pm. There are no differences in time keeping between summer and winter. In the month of Ramadan, the working day is reduced to six hours and legally this should apply to all staff, but many companies only apply it to Muslims, who fast during daylight hours.


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Kuwait Economy:
Industry: Oil, petrochemicals, desalination, food processing.
Agriculture: practically no crops, fish.
Exports: oil and refined products, fertilizers.Kuwait offers variety of job opportunities including areas Administrative, Internships, Finance & Accounting, Marketing / Publicity / Advertising, Sales, Sales Planning. Whether you’re professional in Administrative, Accounting and Finance, Engineering, Human Resources, Information Technology / Services, Marketing and Trading and any other areas, there is a career opportunities for you at Kuwait. Kuwait is looking for highly qualified and experienced experts who like challenges and opportunities. Kuwait offers also opportunities for recent graduate.

Kuwait Benefits

Kuwait provides employees with competitive pay and comprehensive benefits program that will allow you to develop professionally and reach long-term goals of the race. The balance of Work / Life is encouraged at Kuwait and the company offers several programs like “live like work” that offers advice, referrals and resources on parenting, career planning, family care and leaves of operation (planning) education. Other benefits include flexible work arrangements with supervisor approval, adoption assistance and dependent care spending accounts. Kuwait also provides other pay and competitive advantages.

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