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IBM Needs Staff – Employee Needed


IBM Needs Staff – Employee Needed

The IBM contributes over $ 750 million yearly to guarantee that their workforce has continuous improvement opportunities and decently sharpened aptitudes.The development of people provides employees with guidance, resources and tools needed to broaden their knowledge base and to take account of career progression. Some of the foundational capabilities that establish a common standard of excellence are adaptability, communication, creative problem solving and trustworthiness. Specialists specifically hired to recruit people with disabilities, minorities and IBM support women in their quest to be a leader in corporate diversity in the workforce. IBM offers variety of job opportunity. you can filter job opportunities by category, country, Job area, city, state. IBM offers job opportunities over 12 discipline i.e Consulting & Services (2,000+ job Opportunities)Software Development (1,500+ job Opportunities)Sales (1,458 job Opportunities)IT & Telecommunications (non consulting) (1,294 job Opportunities)Operations (all other) (960 job Opportunities)Finance & Accounting (non consulting) (395 job Opportunities)Engineering (hardware) (327 job Opportunities)Research (266 job Opportunities)Marketing & Communications (241 job Opportunities)Human Resources (non consulting) (192 job Opportunities)Manufacturing (50 job Opportunities)Legal (23 job Opportunities) 

Benefits of being IBM Employee; longer-term Reward Development Plan – provides good incentive in the form of pay- Retirement Plan – Performance Bonus – 401K Plan – Family Medical Leave – Sick Days – Bereavement Leave – Family Medical Leave – Paid Holidays – Employee Discount- Free Lunch or Snacks – Employee Assistance Program – Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

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