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How to write Successful Cover Letter

How to write Successful Cover Letter – Each application must be accompanied by a personalized cover letter according to the position and company requested. Presentation, structure, layout … That’s how to write it. How to submit a letter of motivation? 

A cover letter must be clear and enjoyable to read. Ideally, its length should not exceed one page, although exceptions may exist for very senior or highly technical profiles. A certain standard presentation must be respected. Here is, in order, what should include a cover letter:

  • first and last name of the candidate;
  • contact details of the candidate, which must be identical to those mentioned on the CV ;
  • name of the company solicited, name and title of the recruiter and address of the company;
  • place and date of the writing of the letter;
  • subject, possibly with the references of the announcement to which the candidate answers;
  • first courtesy: Sir, Madam or Madam, Sir;
  • text divided into paragraphs;
  • final politeness formula;
  • signature.

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What plan to adopt for a cover letter?
If it is better to innovate and try a plan with hook and conclusion in case of spontaneous application , it is better to opt for a traditional structure when responding to a job offer. It is thus possible to write three parts: me, you, us. But before, in order to make the recruiter want to read the entire cover letter and be interested in the application, we must think about its introduction and avoid the phrases ready.

First part: the candidate
In the me part, the candidate must present himself in such a way that his profile is in line with the employer’s expectations, and put forward his strong points, whether it is the professional experience or a particular university course. It is necessary, without doing too much, to sell and convince the recruiter.

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Second part: the company
The part allows you to highlight the positive aspects of the company that make the candidate positioned on the job offer or an unsolicited application. This application is not one of many, but is for the position the candidate dreams of landing. To succeed this part, it is essential to do the upstream effort to know the company and its sector of activity.

Third part: collaboration
The “we” part is an opportunity to synthesize the association of the candidate and the company. By matching the profile of the candidate with the characteristics of the company, a common project can emerge. The candidate will bring to the service of the company all his experience in a specific sector of activity. This is the idea that must be supported in order to give the employer the desire to meet the candidate.

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