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How to write a resume: sample 2019

How to write a resume: sample 2019 – “How to create a resume?” Is an issue that worries practically anyone looking for a job. And freejobalert.cc has a detailed and clear answer. To write a good resume, you need to concentrate on highlights your professional career. So your professional card should look like this:

1. Position
2. Contact details
3. Experience
4. Education
5. Professional skills
6. Recommendations
7. Additional information

But, about everything in turn. freejobalert.cc tells us what the structure of the resume should be to capture the attention of the employer. The example of your resume is 2019.


Specify the position

If you do not know how to create a resume , be sure to enter the position you are applying for. She is the name of the resume. This is the most important part of your professional business card. The more specific, the better, for example: “Accountant”, “English Translator”, “Purchasing Manager”.


Add contact details

Name and write your phone number. It is not necessary to indicate the address of the residence, because it is unlikely that the employer will write you a letter. But the e-mail address must be written. Also, do not hesitate to indicate the city of your residence or the city in which you are ready to leave (if ready). Write here how much you want to earn.
Do I need to insert a photo ? In general, this is not necessary but desirable. Would you like to see your future colleague or subordinate? Your appearance can tell a lot about you. So do not hesitate to choose a lucky photo and use it safely in your resume.

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Describe the work experience

Describe the work experience in detail . Starting from the last place of work, and finishing – the first. If you have to work on a professional path not at the specialty you are claiming, you can skip this information.
It is very important to describe as precisely as possible what exactly your responsibilities were and what heights you achieved. It is not necessary to use complex designs. Describe what you were doing, what you were doing, what you did and what you did in the previous job. Do not forget about your achievements!


Do not forget about education

Now the education . First write about higher education or secondary special. It’s worth doing at least because your future employer will be able to understand that you can bring the project to the end. It is enough for you courage, patience and abilities to finish the institute 🙂 But, of course, it will also allow him to learn about you as a specialist, to understand what knowledge you can have.
Do not forget about the additional courses, trainings, seminars you have been attending on a specialty. Show that you do not stand still and keep up-to-date.


Identify professional skills

A very important block is professional skills . This item is the answer to the question “How to make the resume even more attractive?”. It is from him that the recruiter learns what you can do, in which programs to work, and so on. But you should not get carried away. If you do not know what to write, skip it. That it does not appear trivialities and repetitions. And do not write off competitors, write about what you know exactly! 🙂
The more languages ​​you know, the better. So do not humiliate, point out everything you know . Suddenly, your employer needs polyglot in your future.


Add recommendations

It is possible to add contact details of those who can recommend you as a specialist – this is great! The more recommendations , the better.


Enter additional information

Well, of course, write a couple of words about yourself. Leave communicability, responsibility, accuracy and punctuality to your competitors. And for your resume, use the original characteristic that really matches your inner world.

When the resume is already written
Before posting a resume, check it out for the following items:

  • whether there are grammatical and lexical errors in it. Ask someone from your friends to read your resume before sending it, or use the online spell checking services;
  • in the description of this place of work should be the verb of the present time: I work, project, manage;
  • in the description of previous jobs should be verbs in the past time;
  • the whole resume should have one story style, the same applies to the abbreviations – if somewhere you used the abbreviation, then
  • use them throughout the text (although it is better to abandon the abbreviations and write the name in full);
  • the format of the resume should be readable (large fields, not small font, but not very large, sufficient distance between lines, etc.);
  • Use the white paper of good quality for the printed version;
  • A summary should fit into one, a maximum of two pages;
  • if necessary, you must be able to confirm all the information included in the summary.

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