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How to prepare resume to work in Canada?

How to prepare resume to work in Canada?

Keep in mind that the fundamental objective of your curriculum should be to attract the attention of recruiters of company personnel and provoke a call and an interview. The basic criteria to prepare your CV if you want to work in Canada are the following:
Extension. Your CV should not be too long, that is, if you have a lot of experience, you should focus on the most relevant points and if your experience is scarce the curriculum should be one page only.
Short paragraphs with bold. Do not write paragraphs with many sentences and highlight the most important things in bold.
Basic data. Include your contact information and if you have an address in Canada it is better that you indicate so that the companies know that you are already living there.
Data highlights. Describe in 4 sentences the highlights of your CV in relation to the position you want to opt.
Objective. Answer this question: What job do you opt for and why? Define the reason why you should be chosen.
Skills. It includes the skills you have for that particular position, what you know how to do that adapts to the position offered by the company. What languages do you know, what computer programs do you know how to use, what are your personal skills?

Education. In this section you can include your academic or university education and other complementary courses that you have completed.
Experience. Sort the work experience you have based on the date, including the most recent job position first, and briefly describe what you did in each position.

Availability. In this section you should make clear what kind of availability you have. Depending on the course you are taking in Canada, you may have 20 hours per week for a while and then 40 hours per week.
References. In general, the recruiters of the companies request references from previous posts, that is, the contact information of a boss or a colleague who can recommend you.

If you are a student and you have not worked in Canada, you can ask for help from your teachers, the family of the house where you live or your roommates.
Keep in mind that people dedicated to the selection of human resources, do not spend much time reading each curriculum so you will have to be very clear and precise in the writing.

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Together with the curriculum you can write and send a cover letter. It is a simple document in which to highlight the most important of your curriculum so that the recruiter who reads it can see that you adapt perfectly to the job that is offered.

The content of the letter would be as follows:

Personal information (name, contact information and address in Canada, if you have one).
Objective of the letter: what position you are interested in and for what reason.
Detail of the reasons why they should interview you and choose you for the position.
Close with a greeting.
In the event that your CV is chosen among all those received by the company that makes the selection, it will call you for a first telephone interview and if that interview is correct, they will interview you in person. To prepare your interview, study well the company that is going to interview you and your interviewer, prepare a brief oral presentation to discuss your curriculum and raise any doubts that may arise.

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