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How to prepare resume to work in Australia?

Would you like to work in Australia ? Do you need a perfect Resume ? If that is your goal you should know how to write a Resume for Australia and prepare it according to the country’s guidelines. Next, we explain how your Australian CV should be and how to choose the right Curriculum Vitae format in Australia.

Tips for a Resume in Australia

Curriculum in the Australian style If you want to adapt your resume to the Australian style you can follow the following tips to make a Resume in Australia. Take note and get ready for the Curriculum Vitae adventure in English, we help you.

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Personal data of the Resume in Australia

In the personal data section of the Resume in Australia we will indicate our full name, email and the telephone number where the company can locate us. Age, nationality and photography will be optional elements of the Australian Resume but in some jobs will be required.

An Australian CV with goals and objectives

What would you like to achieve in your professional career ? We will indicate the professional goals and objectives in the Australian CV so that the employer can relate our skills to the work offered. We will write something like:

Passionate for providing the highest standard of hospitality to guests and eager to undertake new challenges. Self motivated, confident and reliable. Possessing a good team spirit and able to solve problems successfully.

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Work experience in the Australian curriculum

We will create a list of the previous works beginning with the most recent one. For this we will indicate the title of the position, the name of the company and the start and end dates of the work contract, as well as a brief job description. An example of work experience in the Australian curriculum is as follows:

BP Colac Roadhouse – All rounder. December 2015- August 2018. Duties involved in food preparation, customer service, till operation, cleaning and general service station tasks. Sasha McArthur, 021 111 222, example @ freejobalert.cc, Derby, Australia.

Academic training in the Resume in Australia

In the Resume in Australia we will include all the secondary and university education that we have completed, highlighting the specialized courses that are linked to the job offer. An example of academic training in the

Australian Curriculum Vitae is as follows:

Tour Guide Degree. Graduated from CEPEC University, 2008. Buenos Aires, Argentina. This program included Tourism Planning, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration.

The skills in the Australian Curriculum Vitae

To finish, we will specify those skills that are related to the work. The languages and social skills that we have been acquiring over the years will be some of the skills that we will translate into the CV.

Resume example in Australia

Do you need a resume in English for Australia ? Consult the following example of Resume in Australia to know how to make a CV in English to work in Australia.

How to make Cover letter in Australia

Is it really important to attach a cover letter to the CV for Australia ? Attaching a cover letter to your resume will help increase the chances of having a job interview in Australia . Our goal in Cover Letter is to offer an introduction of ourselves, highlight the strengths and indicate the job position we want to opt for. And then, how to make the cover letter in Australia ? Here we explain it:
The cover letter for Australia It will contain a first paragraph where we will include the name and position to which we want to opt. Next, we will describe what we can offer the company and try to convince the recruiters that we are the right person for that job. We will mention the most relevant skills and work experience related to the job offer including examples of similar jobs we have done to demonstrate our professional career.

Finally, we will include a final paragraph to conclude the Cover letter, thanking the attention given by the human resources team and the way in which they can get in touch with us.

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