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How to answer the question “What is your biggest weakness?” in the interview.


How to answer the question “What is your biggest weakness?” in the interview.
This question is one of the most common job interviews , and most people have difficulty responding with complete sincerity, we do not want to give a reason the recruiter not to hire us and moreover we can not seem conceited insinuating that no we have weaknesses.
The recruiter knows that we all have weaknesses. When candidates are prepared for the job interview with a counselor on the subject, they generally advise us (misguided) that try to make our defects appear strengths , such as the use phrases like “I’m too perfectionist ” . (Steve Jobs was too perfectionist and was not a weakness, but one of its greatest qualities). “I’m too worker and that causes me problems in my social life”

David Reese , vice president of Human Resources Medallia , is today a big mistake such responses already prepared nobody believes, except the bad recruiters.

In his article for Harvard Business Review , says that answers how are you “say little or nothing about the candidate and immediately imply an enormous lack of sincerity.” They are candidates who do not show how they think beyond creatively avoid honest self and self critics, according to Reese, who thinks that “having a room full of people like this is detrimental to a company, since few have the courage later to get up honestly to say what does not work in the company. in job interviews I want to have a real conversation with real answers, so before tell candidates that they forget everything you have heard or read to successfully pass a job interview.

I’m trying to find out if they are aware of themselves, if they are able to be self-critical, and most importantly, if they are able to tell the truth when it is difficult to be honest. I spend most of the job interview trying to pry into the layers of the answers “canned” and prepared, and when the interview ends, keep wondering: who is this person really ?. And worst of all , you never know, because they never get the job ” . Therefore, when asked about your greatest weakness , I am honest about what you need to work to improve. Moreover, tell him you’re already working on it. to give that answer, a lot of maturity is needed, but it shows employers a sincerity that few are able to give. If the employer will not hire for being too honest, probably not the company where you should work .

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