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Hotel & Restaurants Jobs in japan for foreigners – Apply Now

Hotel & Restaurants Jobs in japan for foreigners – Apply Now – Are you looking for job in Japan Hotels.  Japan  is  the land of the rising sun.  This country is located in East Asia, bathed by the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of ​​Japan. Located east of China, Russia and the Korean peninsula. Japan is made up of a set of islands, Honsh ?, Hokkaid ?, Ky? Sh? and Shikoku, which make up 97% of the country’s total area, and for another 6,848 smaller islands. It is subdivided into 47 prefectures, grouped into 8 regions. The population of Japan amounts to 127 million inhabitants, which makes it the tenth largest in the world. Its capital is Tokyo.

Some technical data:

  • Language:  The official language of Japan is Japanese
  • Currency:  Yen
  • Member of:   UN, OSCE, APEC, G-8
  • Hourly use:  UTC +9
  • Economy : 3rd world level
  • Activities:  Banking, Real estate, sales, telecommunications, transport, commerce and tourism
  • Health : free assistance with “Health Card”
  • Religion:  Buddhism Shintoism was the official religion until the seventh century being the second majority at this time, we also find followers of Confucius, Taoists and Christians.

Discover jobs in the hotel and restaurant industry in Japan (9223+ Jobs)

  • Barman / barmaid
  • Cook / Stove
  • Director / restaurant manager
  • Hotel manager
  • Restaurant employee
  • Room maid
  • Waiter / waitress
  • Collective catering manager
  • Housekeeper / Housekeeper
  • Master / Mistress
  • Confectioner / Pastry
  • Receptionist
  • Sommelier / Sommelier


  • Each Candidate Applying for the above post must have at least 6 Month .
  • Candidate must be above 20 and less than 45 year old.
  • Candidate must be physically and mentally healthy, there will be the health check up before immigration.
  • Should have clear background (Must Not have involved in any criminal activities).
  • Some of the job position above demands related certificates and licence.
  • All candidates Must be able to read write, understand & Speak English Language Well.

How To Apply (Various Jobs Open in Japan)

Click the Link Below to Work in Japan – Hotel Staff and restaurants Staff Needed You can Apply by click on below Link Free 

Hotel management Jobs in Japan
  • General Manager – Japan. Lime – Japan. …
  • Market Manager. Expedia Group – Sapporo-shi. …
  • Travel Coordinator. PINKERTON – Tokyo. …
  • AsstMgr-Front Office I. Marriott – Tokyo. …
  • General Manager – Japan – Expressions of interest. InterContinental HotelsGroup – Tokyo. …
  • Director of Rooms. …
  • Associate Market Manager. …
  • Assistant Dir-Rooms AAA.

What advantages we find when working in Japan

  • The economy of Japan.
  • Life is relatively cheap (hotels, restaurants, transport, many times cheaper than in Spain for example).
  • Salaries are somewhat better than those in Spain. Examples: An IT consultant charges an average of 29,000 euros in Spain, while his Japanese counterpart charges (in Japan) 5,492,519 Japanese Yen, the equivalent of 40,000 euros 
  • The experience.

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