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Five things that must do in Job Interview

Five things that must do in Job Interview
Five things that must do in Job Interview

Five things that must do in Job Interview
Job interview is the most important opportunity for an individual and this occasion usually gives you panic attacks. There are a few steps which help you on your “Interview Day” and make you distinguished from other candidates.
1: First Impression is the last impression.
When you are preparing for an interview, pay special heed to your appearance. You are going to new place; you will interact with new people. So, people will first judge you through your outfit. So, dress well and in accordance of the place. It’s better to wear suit and for women it’s good to wear formal dress. Dress should not be casual nor did it seem that you are going in a party. Dress yourself according to the post for which you are applying. In case the interview is not too formal men can wear dress pants and tie is a good choice. Either formal or informal avoid loud makeup, heavy jewelry and too much accessories.
All is set, Wait look at your footwear, Often we don’t bother our footwear which gives a bad impression. So match your dress with your dress.

2: Work on your Speech:
The way you deliver your thoughts is the most significant thing. Polite, clear voice not only sounds good but also adds your positive point. The interviewer usually ask for your skills and instead of telling the stereotypical crammed sentences as for example I have leadership quality, tell them about one or two events when and where you lead. The best way to work on your speech is to sit in front of the mirror, imagine yourself in front of the interview panel and try to answer all the supposed question. This mirror sitting will definitely work to boost your confidence.

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3: Body language:
Body has a language of its own. Beware! When you interact with people your body can speak the language which is not proper. Always control your hand and foot movements. Don’t twist your hands, control your foot movements, avoid itching, drowsing, yawning. Even when you shake hands with people show warmness in your attitude. Sit well and straight and always be active.

4: Time Management:
Someone has rightly said: “Punctuality is not just limited to arriving at a place at right time; it is also about taking actions at right time.”
Be on time is one of the foremost principle of a successful life. So, always be on time and when it is for interview; you must not be late. Better is to go at the place a few minutes before the exact time.
5: Be a memorable candidate:
In an interview, there is always a variety of people for a single post. So, you should behave in a way that you must be memorable. You can be memorable with your well-manners and correct answers. Mostly, in cross- questioning, candidates say NO in answers. This doesn’t give good impression. Try to mold question instead of directly saying “NO”. The way you present yourself is your first step while the time when you leave your seat shows your personality. When you depart collect your documents calmly, shake hands with the people around there, don’t drag chair and move slowly but confidently towards door and don’t forget to say “Thank You”.

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