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Errors to avoid – Resume Tips to maximize your chances of getting hired

Errors to avoid – Resume Tips to maximize your chances of getting hired

The CV occupies a prominent place in the recruitment process. It must be well written to increase the chances of hiring. However, there are some mistakes to avoid in writing. Discover in this article our various tips that will help you maximize your chances of getting an interview with the recruiter. To maximize your chances of employment, have a clear vision of your future, your medium-term career goal. Because by doing this you will be able to master the approach to adopt to find the job. Also tell yourself that this job should be a step in achieving your career goals. Click the below link to Create your resume online Free 

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Errors to avoid

Regardless of the position, you are required to write a resume. Make sure that it is precise, effective so that it does not end up in a bin. Before sending it, check to see if you have made any mistakes and take care of certain things like:

  • the appearance of the resume : you do not have to print your resume on low-end paper or paper taken on sale. Avoid syntactical errors and review the typology. Using the automatic function, correct the writing and ask someone to read it again to spot mistakes that go unnoticed;
  • the length of the CV : do your professional experiences make two pages? Then present the resume so that it highlights your experiences and achievements. Reduce the characters, but do not make the document unreadable;
  • the best formula : when it comes to an area you have never worked in, avoid presenting your resume chronologically. Highlight your skills Present your experiences and capabilities developed during this one;
  • the number of pages : already when it is two pages, the CV is acceptable. So do not saturate it with all the experiences of old jobs. The last ten years are the ones that attract the most attention from recruiters. So take this into account and give the crucial information. Also, avoid sending piles of diplomas and letters of recommendation to the recruiter. Once summoned for an interview, you can add the rest of the paperwork;

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Other mistakes to avoid in writing a resume

You should not put false information during the writing of your resume to hide an inactive period (unemployment or regular job change). As seen above, the recruiter is able to investigate your background and may be aware of your lies. In doing so, you reduce your chances of landing a contract;

In no case should you reserve valuable information. To show the recruiter that you deserve the job in view, that you are more qualified than other competitors, show off. Do not limit yourself to just mentioning your various professional experiences. Also add your achievements and successes, goals, percentages achieved in the field;

The reasons for resignation, abandonment or dismissal of the previous position should not be presented. Avoid presenting recruiters with the reasons that led you to leave your old job. Avoid especially phrases pointing the finger at the company or the boss;

You should not also allow yourself to insert false information related to your hobby. Do not report any sport in your resume just because you had to practice it once or twice. If you do not master it, refrain from writing it. Similarly, take the trouble to review foreign languages ​​or put a little serious to better control. Because it is useless to mention such a thing in the document without speaking about it.

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