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Do you know which countries have the greatest demand for engineers?

Do you know which countries have the greatest demand for engineers?

Engineering has gone through several ups and downs worldwide as a result of digital transformation and the economic and financial crisis of recent years. However, although most countries are recovering, many engineers decide to continue their professional career abroad.

And in this way, in addition to securing a job, they also adopt new knowledge and work methodologies that make them grow as professionals.

6 countries to greatest demand for engineers

If you are thinking of trying your luck outside of Country and enhancing your professional profile, point out the countries with the greatest demand for engineers:

1. Australia

According to the BBC, it is the country that demands the most engineers , especially from the branches of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Systems, Electrical, Industrial and Mining and Oil. Moreover, the federal government has committed to invest 75,000 million in various infrastructure projects until the year 2027, so the demand for engineers will continue to rise. And as for salaries, the average annual salary is 44,983 US dollars.

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2. Germany

Among the most requested engineers in Germany are those from the construction and energy sector , as the German development bank (KfW) considers that an investment of 126,000 million is needed for infrastructures that are still pending in different cities and towns of the country (schools, roads, bridges …)

Make it in Germany ensures that these specialists can collect between 36,000 and 45,000 euros per year as initial salary. Other highly valued fields are those related to telecommunications, aeronautics and systems.

Germany Needs Staff – Jobs in Germany

3. Switzerland

The employment agency Manpower has recently developed a study that lays down the lack of skilled labor . This also moves to Engineering, since the country claims civil, mechanical, chemical and electrical engineers . Of course, it should be taken into account that the standard of living in this country is practically three times higher than in the countries of Latam.

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4. Sweden

It may not be one of the most attractive countries to emigrate because of its climate and low light, but there is no doubt that it has become a European recipient of engineers and construction personnel . In addition, the day is flexible and the time is charged around 25-27 euros, according to the freejobalert.cc employment portal.

5. Canada

It is a popular destination for the quality of life that migrants find. The engineers, especially electrical and civilians, enjoy great prestige in Canada. However, it must be taken into account that the visa program is for highly qualified candidates.

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6. United Kingdom

It is one of the countries in Europe richest in gas and oil, so they always need specialized electrical engineers in Oil & Gas, industrial engineers and civil engineers to cover this industry. The same applies to the experts in BIM, since it is a methodology that is being implemented gradually in this sector. As for the average salary , this would be around 37,000 pounds a year.

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Now that you know what are the best options to work as an engineer, you just have to decide the destination … What are you waiting for to specialize and open the labor doors in other markets? if you know more about these i.e most demanding engineering field in the world, most demanding engineering field in future, highest paid engineering field, which engineering has highest salary, most demanding engineering field in future in india, best engineering jobs for the future. which engineering field is in demand, what engineering field is the fastest growing?

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