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Current Job Vacancies Open at SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation)


Current Job Vacancies Open at SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation)
SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) is a diversified manufacturing company, active in chemicals and intermediates, industrial polymers, fertilizers and metals. It is the largest public company in Saudi Arabia. It was the fourth largest chemical manufacturer in the world in 2013. It is currently the second largest producer of ethylene glycol worldwide. The aim of the company to adapt its production to the increase in demand is much more ambitious than being a producer mere touristed of these products the focus of SABIC in research and technology has begun to bear fruit, and the company is starting to develop their own process technologies, and improve efficiency in manufacturing tasks. Moreover, SABIC is studying how to expand their investments in productive assets outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially through strategic alliances and acquisition of companies.
Currently, the company divides its activities into five major product families: basic chemicals, chemical intermediates, polymers, fertilizers and metals.

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SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) Benefits Employment, Jobs, Career & Work
SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) provides employees with a competitive benefits package that is designed to provide a balance of work / life too. The advantages of the base may vary by location and eligibility, but most include options for health coverage, paid time off for vacation, holidays, sick time and various advantages and many more of the license. There are additional benefits available at the corporate office that include casual days, the center on-site day care, cafeteria and fitness center to name a few.

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