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9 typical errors that make your resume is quickly rejected

9 typical errors that make your resume is quickly rejected
If you are looking for work and do not want your CV ends up in the trash can, avoid making these mistakes. For a person looking for work, the resume is your cover letter par excellence. That not only your work experience or your studies will reflect, but also your dedication, your neatness and good taste.
Synthesis capacity, good use of language and the record quality information make your future employer consider call for a job interview.
So if you do not want your CV ends instantly in the trash, follow these tips:
1. Misuse of grammar: Please write properly! Nothing worse than a poorly written resume, with more commas or information that can not be understood. If necessary or in doubt, ask someone to help you.

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2. Misspellings: Now with the use of the Word is a mortal sin that you pass these faults. Always passes the automatic checker and, again, ask someone else to proofread your resume before printing.
3. Have more than two extension leaves: The idea is to summarize your resume work experience. With the amount of applications that an employer can receive, most likely discard your CV if very long.
4. Use a casual tone: Compose your resume professionally. It ‘s not as if you wrote to a friend; you are addressing who could give you work.

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5. The use of jargon: Again, the property when writing is key when putting together a CV. Choose well the words you’re using.

6. Sources of unusual letter: As the CV needs to be professional, using “funny” letters like Comic Sans or similar you subtract points. Not only because it is inappropriate, if not because they are difficult to read. Use more sober sources.
7. Committing generic interests as ‘music’: They must be few people who do not enjoy “hanging out with friends” or “go to the movies.” If you are asking about your personal interests, learn to be more specific. Remember that different views, new experiences and diversity training is now highly valued within companies.
8. Lack of personal development related activities: As reported by The Independent , companies are looking for people with “strong character and tenacity”. In addition, those who pass to the next stage of a selection process are those who are involved in extracurricular activities.
9. Consider all your academic degrees: Highlight only what is important. If you had a good performance in your time as a student, it shows only what is most relevant.

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