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8 errors that you can not afford in a job interview


8 errors that you can not afford in a job interview
Meet all the requirements, you have passed all the procedures of selection and you face job interview . This is where “failure” can ruin us getting that job so desired. Let’s remember what those common mistakes that often make the candidates are.
1. Be on time . It is not arriving an hour before, nor is it the right thing, the ideal is to get 5 or 10 minutes earlier.

2. Turn off your mobile phone . Yes, off and not silent (vibration is also heard). It is a simple gesture, although it seems logical, is often forgotten and can cause uncomfortable interruptions.

3. Keep your resume updated. It is clear and complete. Do not overdo your level of training or experience you have, you can be anything credible. For example, never say that you speak fluently a language if it is not true because your interviewer you could ask questions on it.

4. Do not think at any time that you are not going to choose . You can not conduct the interview with a negative feeling.

5. Focus on yourself and do not think too pleasing to your interviewer. It is an unnatural gesture that does not usually like.

6. Do not badmouth your previous job , or your colleagues, let alone serves to light anything negative about your former boss.

7. Power your virtues , that give a vision of security in you. All in perspective, of course. Do not confuse self – confidence with arrogance.

8. When you finish your interview, say goodbye properly and thanks. Often forget this simple gesture and that is the best way to close the conversation.

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