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7 situations in which it’s okay to lie to your boss

If your boss is not so “relieved” you better use certain lies in the following situations. You will not go to jail for this.

Within the world of professionalism, honesty is one of the best weapons, tools or life policies that a person can have. It is a general rule. However, there are certain situations in a business environment where it will be better to keep that honesty and occupy other cards, for the good of all:

1. When you are protecting coworkers

If the fellowship in your work circle is well founded, there is trust and camaraderie, it is important to accompany them until the end, since you know that they would do the same for you. We are not saying that you blame yourself for something that one of them did, but that in certain situations it is better to keep the boss calm for something (a problem) that can be solved without him knowing the truth.

The same goes for blunders that occur outside your area of ​​responsibility. You can know exactly who is really responsible for spoiling something, but it is not your job to inform the boss.

2. When you are looking for another job

Most companies, their owners specifically, have the right to think the best for the business without employees having to know, this includes the sale of the company, staff cuts or other unexpected changes.

Just as they have the right to evaluate those options, employees also have the right to seek another job without suffering consequences.

However, this is not always well seen.

If the boss finds out what you are looking for, you can be penalized. You could even be fired before finding the job you want, because the boss imagines that you are thinking of quitting anyway.

Sometimes one has to look out for something better, so feel free to tell any lie necessary to keep your job search secret.

3. When bosses ask your opinion for their appearance

Bosses, like anyone else, can be vain or insecure when their appearance or image is natural and it is natural for them to ask for advice or comfort.

However, even though you may think otherwise when it comes to the appearance of your boss, it is best to keep your opinions and positive suggestions so as not to damage your relationship with him or her.

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4. When bosses say bad jokes

A benefit of being a boss is that employees or subordinates have to laugh at the jokes they tell.

Finally, if the boss does not realize that his jokes are very bad, you do not have to be the person to tell him, leave that to his peers at work or his relatives.

Yes, it’s a bit degrading, but think about it this way: at least your boss is trying to be entertaining. It is an attempt by the chief to act as a human being, probably, and should be encouraged.

What is difficult for you to smile? Note: do not exaggerate or sound sarcastic.

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5. When your boss’s stupidity creates more work for you

If there is a faster way to do the job, but the boss is very used to doing things as he likes, you don’t have to tell him he is a traditionalist maniac. Do not miss that problem, you better keep working as he likes and try to teach him little by little what it would be like to work the other way.

6. When you know you will pay the “fine” for telling the truth

Sometimes bosses do not want employees to say or exhibit something that is more than obvious. For example, that their last hiring has been a disaster, that they don’t want to invest in better technological tools for workers, even though they know it would be a benefit for the company, etc.

Think about it this way: when bosses can’t handle the truth and don’t really want to hear it, you’re not doing any favor by throwing the truth in their faces.

They will find out sooner or later …

7. When it is not your boss’s business

If your boss asks you one day about your religion, your political or sexual orientation, your eating habits, what you smoke or anything else that does not affect your performance at the minimum, you don’t have to answer the truth.

Despite the fact that the workers have been losing rights on the part of the business itself in the individuality we can have, the bosses do not have to question how you lead your personal life.

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