7 questions to determine if you are a leader


7 questions to determine if you are a leader
You may have questions as to whether you are the leader who guides your work team, although these concerns should be evaluated by a few simple questions that you yourself do.
It is well known that not all born with leadership skills, but may develop in the future. Your capacity to inspire and influence leadership at work can be measured, how? Answer this …

Do I really want to be the leader? Maybe you have wood although it is possible that specific circumstances not interest you. Before obsessed with taking control, ask yourself if you’re really interested.

Am I prepared to assume the responsibility of a leader ? You must keep in mind that people will copy your work and imitate, which can reach like it or not. The agenda of the leader is to influence the rest noticeably.

I understand the consequences of being a leader ? We distinguish two types of brass; resonant, who handled seamlessly emotional intelligence and dissonant, that is autocratic. Choose a model may be the factor of success or failure of labor across the enterprise.

Do I have a clear vision? To be a leader must have the ability to take risks without fear. To do this, you have to bear in mind your goals and tasks-and transfer them to rest-.

Am I someone useful for my team? That’ll know when you’re biddable, do you motivate yourself and you value the good things the group. Sometimes a leader brings more trouble than joy.

Do I have emotional balance? You’ll have to find a middle ground between being tough and listening each situation individually. Being limitation is good but what you are empathic?

Why do people follow? Lastly, know that to be followed and feel a leader need not have power or authority. You can be a leader and work in a medium position but influence the rest of your classmates. If you follow it by a personal factor guards, not your position or rank in the company.

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