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4 worst mistakes of young people to find work


4 worst mistakes of young people to find work
Young people should be prepared to focus on all experiences outside the classroom . Fees internships or jobs are what count when it comes to qualifying for a job. Now, what are the mistakes to avoid?
Do not use a university network
Most universities have a network that offers employment opportunities for students and recent graduates. For this reason it is important to be aware of the vacancies that are shared there.
Not knowing anything about the company
After setting the job interview, you should be informed enough before attending it. While it may seem obvious, this error is common among young job seekers. It is essential to know what the company is involved, what their mission or their direct competition.

generic Curriculum
For employers it is important to receive a resume or customized cover letter. The big mistake is to send generic documents that offer little information and a lot of unclassified information.
Social networks
Before starting your search is advisable to make a review of your accounts on different social networks. Remember that today most recruiters use this resource for information about you. Set up your privacy, eliminates non-professional images and offensive comments.

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