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30 Highest Paid Personalities In the World


30 Highest Paid Personalities In the World 
How much money you can earn in a year? In the case of athletes,musicians and actors, for example, this amount can reach the hundreds of millions of dollars.This information can be given in the list published by Forbes that brings the 100 best-paid celebrities in the world in the last 12 months.
On top of the ranking is the boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., which grossed $ 300 million in the period. Much thanks to the “Fight of the Century” that made the Filipino Manny Pacquiao, second in the same list, with earnings of $ 160 million.
In the third place, a surprise, according to Forbes: Katy Perry. The singer had millionaires gains thanks to its world tour Prismatic World Tour, in which he made 124 shows in 27 different countries.
The figure shows the change in analysis methodology of Forbes. “For the first time, we made a truly international list,” the site says, adding that they were not used metrics centered in the United States.
The ranking also brings interesting information: the One Direction group earned more than double the Rolling Stones in the period. You can also see that Robert Downey Jr. is the highest-paid actor list, but is tied at 8th place with singer Taylor Swift.

In the rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the Portuguese takes advantage are three places above the Argentine, with 5.5 million dollars more in revenues.
30 highest-paid personalities the world over the past year and how many hundreds of dollars received, according to Forbes.

1: Floyd Mayweather
Mayweather earned $ 300 million last year. The fight with Manny Pacquiao broke purchases records on Pay-Per-View (US $ 4.4 million) and sponsorship ($ 13 million), which helped Mayweather to reach the million dollar figure.

2nd: Manny Pacquiao
The Philippine earned $ 160 million, helped by contracts with Nike and several companies of his country, in addition to revenues from the fight against Mayweather.

3rd: Katy Perry
The singer earned $ 135 million over the last 12 months. On their tour, the Prismatic World Tour, Katy received more than $ 2 million for each of the 124 presentations made.

4th: One Direction
The youth group is the band that won more money last year, with US $ 130 million.

5: Howard Stern
The comedian had $ 95 million gain due its radio programs and work in the entertainment world.

6: Garth Brooks
The country musician has raised approximately $ 1 million in each show he did in his tour. It received a total of $ 90 million last year.

7: James Patterson
The writer received $ 89 million, in part because of his pace of work (it produces an average of 16 books a year, with the help of co-authors).

8: Robert Downey Jr.
With $ 80 million billed in the last 12 months, the “Iron Man” saw their earnings soar thanks to the film “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Captain America: Civil War.”

8: Taylor Swift
Tied with Robert Downey Jr., singer-songwriter also earned $ 80 million. An aid to this turnover came from the disk 1989, which has sold over 3.6 million copies.

10: Cristiano Ronaldo
The Portuguese earned $ 79.5 million. The salary of US $ 50 million (guaranteed until 2018) and sponsorships with Nike helped Real Madrid player to reach the milestone.

11: Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh has a radio show with audience of 20 million people sent in hundreds of branches. Thanks to him, earned $ 79 million last year.

12: Ellen DeGeneres
The highest paid TV personality received $ 75 million. It operates in the production of various programs and even has a clothing line, Ellen.

13: Lionel Messi
The Argentine, Barcelona player, earned $ 74 million last year. Sponsorship with Samsung and Adidas have helped him reach the milestone.

14: The Eagles
The musicians earned $ 73.5 million thanks to concerts, sale of goods and DVDs.

15th: Dr. Phil McGraw
A TV show and the recent success of a book, as well as an application, yielded to Dr. Phil McGraw US $ 70 million last year.

16: Roger Federer
The tennis player had revenues of $ 67 million, helped by sponsorship with Nike, Rolex and Credit Suisse.

17: Calvin Harris
The musician received $ 66 million in the last 12 months. Her recent appearance on the Giorgio Armani brand campaigns and hundreds of shows helped in earnings.

18: LeBron James
The NBA player earned $ 66 million, helped by contracts with companies such as Coca-Cola, Nike and McDonald’s.

19: Justin Timberlake
Agreements with Bud Light and Sony, as well as shows, surrendered to US pop artist $ 63.5 million last year.

20 Sean Combs, known as Diddy
The musician had revenues of US $ 60 million thanks to investments in programs and beverage businesses, such as vodka Ciroc, Diageo.

21th: David Copperfield
The presentations at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, helped the illusionist to collect $ 63 million in one year.

22: Gordon Ramsay
The celebrity chef, successful series of protagonists in the US as “Masterchef and” Hell’s Kitchen “also earned $ 60 million.

23: Ryan Seacrest
The American Idol host and American producer had earned $ 60 million last year.

24: Fleetwood Mac
The band is not at the peak of popularity in the 1980s, but continues to shows, that helped make US $ 59.5 million in one year.

25: Lady Gaga
The artist earned $ 59 million in the last 12 months thanks to concerts and partnerships with brands like Versace and MAC.

26: Rolling Stones
The band had a $ 57.5 million revenue last year, largely due to stadium shows they did in the period.

27: Ed Sheeran
The musician and composer was nominated for a Grammy for album of the year and made hundreds of shows. It earned $ 57 million last year.

28: Jay Z
Musician and entrepreneur had to US $ 56 million income. It helped in revenues the impact of its streaming service, the Tidal.

29: Beyonce
The singer earned $ 54.5 million, with the help of the tour you did with her husband, Jay-Z, which grossed over $ 100 million.

30: Kevin Durant
The basketball player had earnings of $ 52 million, helped by contracts with various companies like Nike and BBVA.

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