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15 best companies to work for in 2018, according to LinkedIn

In what firms do Americans dream of working? LinkedIn revealed its annual Top Companies ranking, which shows the interest of users (146 million in the United States alone), by companies. Check the results!

The methodology

This list was formed taking into account the actions of the members of LinkedIn, and based on 4 key pillars: interest in the firm, interactions with current employees, demand for employment and employee retention. In addition, LinkedIn and Microsoft were excluded from the study.

Are you ready? These would be the best companies to work for in 2018, according to LinkedIn users. Surely you know them all!

Top 15



AirBnb. Last year, this company increased its number of employees by 13%. A lot of growth!



Adobe. The software company hired 5,000 professionals in 2017, and plans to add 2,000 more in 2018.


McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company. Working in this consulting firm is not easy: it would receive around 225,000 resumes each year, to cover 2,000 positions. That look for? “In each of the 60 countries where we contract, we look for very intelligent people, who solve problems,” the company told LinkedIn .



Uber. Despite having a tumultuous 2017, it grew by 25% in employees.



Spotify is growing: it announced its intention to start producing hardware, and its actions will be made public this April. For these initiatives, you need to hire employees!



Netflix. The company today is worth over $ 100 billion dollars! 5,500 people work here.



Oracle. Employees can take all the time they need when they are sick, buy company stock at special prices and even take advantage of dry cleaning services and oil changes for the car, on site .


The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company. 199,000 people work in “the house of the mouse”.


Purchasing manager

Comcast NBC Universal added 36,000 employees last year. Any benefits of working here? Extended maternity or paternity leave, and Universal Studios park passes.



Apple increased its engineering and information technology departments by 4 and 8%, respectively, in 2017. A rather unusual perk ? The company will pay for you to conge your eggs, if you choose.



Tesla. Do you know how many people applied to get a job there in 2017? 500,000! Some important benefits: all employees get shares of the company, and many can also take advantage of the carpool program , to drive a Tesla to work and keep it on weekends!



Salesforce invites its employees to embrace their “ohana” culture, which means family. A remarkable detail: 35% of the workers of this software giant belong to minorities.



Facebook has been under scrutiny lately, but the company is still one of the most chosen when it comes to looking for work. It has a value of more than $ 512 billion dollars, and increased its headcount by 47% in 2017. Wow!



Alphabet. Few companies are as well known and valued as Google, the largest division of Alphabet. Today, 80,110 people work here, around the world.



Amazon ranked first in this ranking, and would be the best company to work for, according to LinkedIn users. It is the second private company that contracts the most people in the United States, and today has 566,000 employees worldwide.

In addition to being recognized for its frugality (the desks are made of recycled wooden doors, for example), Amazon seeks to always put the customer first, achieving fidelity.

One detail: the inventors of this company registered 2,300 patents since the beginning of 2017, from algorithms that predict what you want to order for dinner, to covers for electronic books.

And, beyond good salaries and benefits, those who dream of employing themselves here seem to look for a purpose in their work. “Amazon is willing to innovate big and take risks,” said Laura Lorenzetti, LinkedIn news editor, according to Money . “We hear many times that (the applicants) really want to make a difference. They want to see their work come alive, “he added.

And you, in what company do you dream to work?

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