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12 top tips for writing a resume for Canada

The resume format in Canada is very different from the ones you used in other countries. There are two types of resumes (more on that later), but there are some common standards worth knowing about.

What should be in the resume? (in that order): 

  • Contact Information
  • Career and career information
  • experience
  • Education / Continuing Education

You can also add:

  • technical skills
  • Volunteer experience / community participation

12 top tips for writing a resume for Canada: 

1)  Brevity is the sister of talent . Focus on presenting the main points to the employer, not every detail. You will go into details already at the interview.

2) As a rule, the reader will spend less than a minute viewing your resume, so make it interesting . It is important to use keywords in your resume.

3) The summary should consist of a maximum of two pages . If you do not have much experience, then one page is quite enough. If you have ten years of experience behind you, then three pages are acceptable.

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4) A resume must be written for a specific field of activity (or better for a specific position). You should not apply for one resume at once for several different vacancies. If you liked two positions, then create a resume for each.

5) English in the resume should be excellent. Even if you think that your level of English is high, still do not be lazy and let someone else (preferably a native speaker) read it. Grammar and spelling errors in the resume can mean automatic rejection.

6) Avoid long paragraphs and small fonts (a font smaller than 10 is a bad idea). Use an easy-to-read font and make sure that you use only one font in your resume.

7) Translate all terms into North American concepts. The employer has neither the time nor the desire to translate and understand. For example, use terms such as “high school”, “GPA” (Grade Point Average – this is the average score of all grades in your diploma / certificate during the training.), Etc.

8) Note important skills , such as knowledge of a second language or the ability to work with some computer applications. But remember: they must be directly related to the work you are applying for.

9) You can indicate your achievements and awards , but only which are related to the vacancy.

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10) If in your biography there were works that are in no way connected with the vacancy that you want to get, then you should not write about them.

11) Remember that the sole purpose of a resume is to acquire your knowledge and skills. Therefore, unobtrusively point out your strengths, praise yourself and talk about your uniqueness and desire to work. You should not use the universal phrases “honest”, “executive”, you should come up with something more original. And who said making a resume is easy? Here are a few tips – Communicates well with a wide range of personalities / Strongly self-motivated and enthusiastic

12) Note why you want to work in this particular company.

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