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100 illogical questions asked by Job Interviewer


100 illogical questions asked by Job Interviewer
In many countries with an advanced culture of recruitment there are rules and laws that penalize ask certain questions that are considered “private” or unrelated to the position to play. Unfortunately, in Latin America there is still no official manual of procedures for questions during a job interview.

During your job search you will surely face a somewhat strange and even illogical questions. Many of these carried over the limits of your privacy, for which must be alert and, peacefully, avoid answering or, tactfully of such luck that the recruiter repair his mistake.

Summarizing the data obtained in our survey, we present the 100 questions a recruiter NEVER should formulate and you should be prepared to overcome a very diplomatic and effectively.

1. What would you be able to do to get this job?
2. Who helped you develop your Curriculum Vitae?
3. Is there anything wrong in your CV?
4. Did you study at a public university Was it difficult?
5. You have no academic recognition Why?
6. Have you ever expelled from school? Why?
7. Have you been to many interviews this month?
8. Why do you think I should hire someone from outside and not make an internal selection process?
9. Why has not found employment in six months?
10. How have you survived unemployed last year?
11. Is not daunting for a job at your age?
12. Are you sure you can work in this company?

13. How much would you charge?
14. Why did you choose to come dressed like that?
15. Could you give back to I can see you well?
16. Do you have tattoos?

17. Why should you hire, but seem like the kind of person we seek?
18. What makes you better than the other candidates?
19. Can you name 3 things that should not hire you?
20. How long you plan to stay with us?
21. Have you heard anything negative about our company?
22. Have you heard anything negative about our company?
23. Can I call references are in your CV?
24. What you’d come to work, Auto, subway or bus?
25. If you moved you accept any city or state?
26. Were you fired from your last job?
27. Do you think you could have done better in your previous job?
28. Why not ask for a higher salary at this stage of your career?
29. Could I detail the most boring job you’ve had?
30. What has been the biggest mistake you’ve made?
31. If you could, would you change your past?
32. What are your goals in life?
33. Could you tell me what you feel embarrassed?
34. What do you think of your previous company?
35. Could you reveal confidential information from your previous employer?
36. Do you lie loyalty to our company?
37. Would you describe you encourage your business and work ideal?
38. Would you give me a great effort cost three letters of recommendation?
39. What it is the worst thing you have said in your previous jobs?
40. How do you react to criticism of your performance?
41. What do you do when someone disrespects?
42. The position has under his charge men and women Do you have a problem to handle mixed teams?
43. Would you have trouble if your boss was younger than you?
44. How desperadoes a collaborator?
45. If your boss has no reason, what would you say?
46. ​​Have you betrayed the trust of a coworker?
47 Would you accept blame for mistakes of others?
48. Would you dare to blame a person in your care for your mistake?
49. What would you do if you find an employee committing a lack of loyalty to the company? What delatarías?
50. Would you lie in a report to your superiors to look good to your team?

51. Many candidates have left the job three months Do you still you would like to continue with the process?
52. Would you have problem to lose some weight?
53. What is your socioeconomic status?
54. Can you describe your street or your neighborhood?
55. Are you a successful person?
56. Did you have any previous relationship with your bosses (as)?
57. Delawareans someone for harassment?
58. Have you had any problems with your colleagues in your previous job?
59. Do you have any lawsuit in court?

60. Have you gone to conciliation and arbitration for any reason?
61. Have you been involved in any fraud or embezzlement?
62. Have they brought a lawsuit?
63. How is the relationship with your parents?
64. Are you very close to your brothers?
65. Can you have more than five close friends?
66. You would add your boss to your Facebook profile?
67. Do you feel uncomfortable when working under pressure?
68. What would you give up this job?
69. Are you willing to sacrifice your family life for this job?
70. Do you belong to a social club?
71. Could you explain how satisfying is your s(e)x life?
72. What importance do you give money?
73. Do you suffer some kind of syndrome obsessive – compulsive?
74. Have you had any sexually transmitted disease?
75. Do you smoke?
76. Do you use any drugs?
77. Have you received psychological care? Why?
78. What would make you hit a person?
79. Have you undergone some type of operation?
80. Do you have any plastic surgery?
81. What do you think of abortion?
82. Do you have problems in working with people of other nationalities?
83. Most employees are Catholic Have a problem?
84. Do you plan to marry soon?
85. Among your plans are to become pregnant in the short term?
86. Are you homosexual?
87. What religion you profess?
88. Do you believe in aliens?
89. Do you have any superstitions?
90. What irritates you most?
91. Have you had any extramarital relationship or you’ve been unfaithful to your girlfriend?
92. How much alcohol can get a drink at a party?
93. Are you in the credit bureau?
94. Do not believe that your profile would be more appropriate for another department?
95. Do not you think the vacancy is greater than their skills challenge?
96. Why if you’re overqualified you present this vacancy is of lower rank?
97. Do not you think a candidate with your profile should look for work in another company and not it?
98. What do you think of our competition?
99. Can you recommend someone else for this position?
100. 100. What do you think of me as an interviewer?


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