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10 toxic words you should never say in a job interview


Ten toxic words you should never say in a job interview
There are many tips out there to rehearse what you’ll say in a job interview: investigate the questions the interviewer may ask, practice your answers to great questions yourself …
A list of words written by LinkedIn influencer, who recommended that it is better to avoid in your next job interview. Although speak only ordinary words, they could be the main warning signs for an interviewer or recruiter.
1. No : First, if you make a simple question, you do not want to give a one-word answer (yes or no). But when the answer is no, you should definitely add something else. For example, if they ask if you know a computer program in particular, and not, you could say: “I have not had the opportunity to learn, but I’d be interested in doing,” instead of just saying “No”. It is better explain why, closed to the possibility that saying “no”.

2. Er … Um … : That old saying, “If you have nothing to say, it is better to say nothing” applies very well here. Instead of hesitation while trying to think of an answer, simply remains silent. Saying “Er ..” or “Um … “excess could make him believe the interviewer that you are unprepared or as if you were not paying attention.

3. Jargon general: Do not use slang when talking to an interviewer. You want to look like a polished professional, and do not want to have to pull an urban dictionary to understand you.
4. casual Words: Even casual words must be used in informal work. You must present the best version of yourself , not the casual and sloppy version.
5. We: This word seems harmless at first, but if you use it a lot when you talk about job duties and accomplishments, the interviewer might begin to wonder if the head was you or your team . Try using “I” as much as possible.
6. Dedicated, motivated, work well together … : Do not use the words of your resume. Besides the fact that these words are overused in the interviews, it is best to show them that just say them. If you want to convey your commitment or motivation, shared an example of your work experience ; the examples are much more than just say things.

7. Advantage, synergy, ideas … : Avoid excessive use of business jargon. The chances of you sound like an idiot are too high. Many business words that are fashionable tend to make people look pretentious, or worse, downright stupid.
8. phrases cliche : The cliche have little or no meaning, are verbal filler, and add nothing to what you’re saying. So leave them out.
9. Hate : I can not think of a single instance in which it is appropriate to say “hate” during an interview, but it’s incredibly inappropriate to say you hate something about your old job, colleagues, boss, etc.
10. Perfectionist : It has become almost a cliche answer the question “What is your biggest flaw?” Defect as a positive, “I’m a perfectionist.” Any good interviewer will see what it is , so just do not do.

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